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Rosie the Riveter Bandanna Do

Rosie The Riviter Poster 1944

There are few images more iconic and more recognizable than the Rosie the Riveter “We Can Do It” posters from the post-war era. 

Over the years it has become not just a cultural phenomenon, but a symbol of feminism and beauty and strength.

Rosie’s rough and tumble beauty is easy to emulate, and her playful, bandanna-ed ‘do is great for lazy summer days or for a dressier function, like a bridal shower.

How To Do It

First you’ll want to find your bandanna or scarf. Just about anything will do.

If you do want to stay with the classic look there are bandannas available in a variety of colors and subtle changes, like skull prints and anchors, or cherries and leopard print.

Fold your scarf in half into a triangle, and then fold it a few times until you reach the desired width for your headband.

Start with dry hair that is preferably not freshly washed. Use either large hot rollers or pin curls with a curling iron.

Once the curls have cooled and set, let them down and break up the curls with your fingers. Give hair a spritz of a light hairspray, like Sebastian Shaper Spray.

Cute Retro Bandana

The front of the hair can be worn a number of different ways. If you have bangs that you’d like to keep down, go for it.

If your bangs are long enough, a single victory roll or even an easy pompadour will keep hair off your face and give you that retro flair, or very long bangs can even be rolled under into a faux Bettie Page bang.

Grab the bit of hair directly behind the bang portion of your hair, and give it a little backcombing.

This will give your hair a little boost of height behind the knot of your Rosie scarf.

Then grab the top half of your hair and loosely bobby pin it back, being careful not to smoosh your carefully crafted curls.

Do the same with the lower half of your hair, but give the base a little twist to smooth hair up and away from the nape of the neck.

Spray a bit of firm hold hairspray on your fingertips and then run over the sides of hair to smooth down flyaways.

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Style Inspiration

Now’s the time to grab your scarf! Wrap it under your curls and tie with a little knot between your expertly rolled bang section and the little bump you’ve created. Voila!

Alternately, you can leave your curls down and loose and tie the scarf underneath, still placing tying the knot of your bandanna right behind the bangs.

Whichever version you prefer, you’ll want to secure the scarf with a couple of bobby pins, or snap clips to keep the bandanna from slipping around on your head.

Pinup Bandana

Top this fabulous look off with a gorgeous matte red lip, like NARS Jungle Red, and you’ll be pin-up perfection and ready to rock!

History Of Rosie The Riveter

Rosie was brought to life through the art of American graphic artist J. Howard Miller. Westinghouse had commisioned Miller to create a collection of posters to support the war effort.

At that time over six million women replaced the men in manufacturing plants.

Rosie The Riveter emerged as the most empowering and iconic image of the series and even appeared as a U.S. postage stamp as part of its WW II series.

Rosie had “delcared we can do it”. And they did.

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Rosie the Riveter Bandanna ‘Do
Published November 8, 2012

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