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Having a rosy glow has long been associated with health and vitality. In fact, even these days, many women regularly use blusher or rouge to add a touch of color to their cheeks. Not everyone is happy to have shades of red in their complexion however.

Women who have this skin condition find that they become flushed or blush deeply on a regular basis. Some cases may extend past this and can even result in disfiguration.

For some reason, women are more prone than men and those who have a fair complexion will develop this more often than those with darker complexions will.

When a man does develop this skin condition however, he will generally have more severe symptoms than many women do.

A man may find that he has a very red hue to his face especially on his cheeks or nose.

This red color can be somewhat soft or extend all the way to a deep shade that looks like severe acne or blood vessels that have dilated.

Some suffers may develop rhinophyma which is a red nose that is very bulbous. This is generally thought of as being one of the symptoms that causes the most disfiguration in Rosacea.

Symptoms ~ Why this develops in some people and not others is unfortunately a question that seems to have no answer. However, some people who come down with it do so after being exposed to either an impact of environmental or chemical nature.

This skin condition does not always come on suddenly and in fact, many sufferers find that it comes on over time. The one common factor in every case of Rosacea is that it is harder to treat and can become aggravated by solar irradiation.

As would be expected, people may find that their condition is effected by numerous different factors. Anything that can potentially aggravate your skin such as heat, humidity, severe cold or dryness can cause issues.

The same is true for detergents, perfumes, and even some of the ingredients found in different products designed for skin care. There are even some Rosacea patients that need to avoid certain foods; these can include spices, hot beverages, alcoholic drinks and more.

A patient with this skin problem should only use products for their skin that are mild. When outside, a powerful sun block needs to be applied. Sometimes, either a topical cream or even prescription antibiotics are necessary.

Being mindful of their environment is also helpful for those who suffer as this condition can be irritated or even come around as a result of certain elements in the environment.

Nutrition, stress, genetics, sun, toxins, scents, and more are very often triggers to those with sensitive skin. This is especially true when one or more of some of these triggers react to one another.

When you have Rosacea, the best thing that you can do is to take good care of your skin. Stay away from products that may irritate you and focus on taking the proper care of your skin.


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