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Rock Star Style

rock star style


Here Is How To Look Like A Rock Star

Whatever the reason, bad boys kicking it in rock star style seem to get all the attention-and all the ladies. Think about it; Jude Law, Jonny Depp, Jesse James; they've all made the list of Hollywood's sexiest, and they are all resident bad boys.

If you've decided that you're ready to turn bad boy, look no further than the rock star look. It's a look that can be done tactfully and allow you to pass office dress code, while still letting everyone know that you are a little rebellious.

Before you hit the mall, though, keep a couple of things in mind;
1. There is a difference between authentic and just plain old. Broken in items look authentic, which is what you want, but jeans and accessories so ragged they are unrecognizable is going to scream hobo instead of rock star.
2. The rock star look is all about showing off what your mama gave you. Oversized clothes are not going to cut it; instead, you are going to want to wear items that are slightly smaller than what you might normally choose.
3. While there are definitely key elements of the rock star style, trying to pull all of them off at once is only going to leave you looking like a confused toddler who is just beginning to choose his own clothes.

Rock Star Style Essential #1: The Biker Jacket

The style equation is relatively simple: traditional plus fresh equals style excellence. Basically you just add something a little out of the ordinary to a traditional outfit that gives it just the right amount of edge. Take your office attire, for example.

Nothing sets you apart quite like adding a biker jacket as edgy outwear. Keep in mind, however, that the wrong biker jacket can leave you looking like a cheesy 80's sitcom star instead of a rock star. Keep it simple by choosing a jacket that doesn't incorporate too many zippers or pockets.

Rock Star Style Essential #2: Raw Denim

Being a true to heart blue jean baby means finding that perfect pair of jeans. Denim is a must when it comes to rocking the rock star look and these days raw denim (premium stuff that comes from the edges of the fabric spool), is what those on the inside prefer.

There are endless numbers of places to get your perfect denim from. J. Crew just launched a new raw denim line along with an experiment that has led us to believe that wearing your raw denim for an extended period of time without washing them is the only way to get your perfectly customized look.

Rock Star Style Essential #3: The Leather Cuff

While your Rolex may let people know that you are a classy man with the money to splurge, it doesn't exactly scream rock star. You'll need to swap it out for a heavy leather band while still making it work with whatever else you are wearing.

For example, if you decide to wear a dress shirt, don't tuck it in or button the cuffs. Add your leather cuff and you've got a classy yet very bad boy look. Being an individual does not mean throwing a whole bunch of unique stuff together. It's all about managing to blend in while standing out.

Rock Star Style Essential #4: The Bandana

While the bandana is the easiest and cheapest rock star accessory, you'll want to avoid wearing more than one at a time lest you be mistaken for a member of the Backstreet Boys. While most rough and tumble guys don't have the guts to try it, the broken in bandana tied around the neck is a staple of rock star fashion.

You can also go for the more traditional option, which is tying it around your head. You may want to skip the Rosie the Riveter bow atop the head though, otherwise your rock star style will get you attention for all the wrong reasons.

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