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Ringlet Hair Curls, Fun And Feminine Curls

ringlet hairCreating Ringlets For Women ~ Whether you have your eye on hair with a lot of bounce or long and flowing ringlets are much more your style, you'll find that you might be wondering how to best create curls in your hair.

Unfortunately, not all of us were born with curls, but that doesn't mean that we have to go without throughout our life.

How To Style Ringlet Hair Curls

Take some time and consider some of the ways that you can get those lovely ringlets that you are after

Rag curls are wonderful way to get bright bouncy curls or those gorgeous Pre-Raphaelite waves and you will find that of all the ways to put some body in your hair, they will probably keep your hair the healthiest. If you want rag curls, start the night before.

style steps Mist down your hair and start dividing it into segments. Mousse or gel each segment.
style steps Take a strip of fabric that is a few inches longer than your hair and tie it around the base of the first segment, leaving a long end dangling from the rag that is about as long as your hair.
style steps Then wrap your hair around the knot; this is what will make the curl. When your hair has gotten all the way around, you can tie the two ends of the rag curl together again.

Repeat this process until all the hair that you interested in curling has been accounted for. The smaller the sections are, the tighter your curl will be. Sleep on the rag curls overnight and take them out in the morning.

To make sure that they are “set,” spray on a little bit of hair spray and then hit it with a short blast from the hairdryer. You can leave it as is for a wonderfully wild look, or you can finger comb it out to calm it down again. Don't get too vigorous, or you might find those curls falling out!

How To Make A Ringlet Hair Curls With A Hot Curling Iron

When you have less time, think about using curling irons. You will find that the ones that use ceramic plates are going to be significantly easier on your hair than metal ones; essentially, you are looking for a way to distribute heat throughout your hair without frying it.

style steps Start by grasping a segment of your hair about two inches from your head in the irons.
style steps Roll the iron up, twisting it around 180 degrees and then start to pull it through your hair, letting every inch of it pass through the iron.
style steps When the hair is appropriately warm, curl it with your fingers for good measure.
style steps Once again, a quick spritz with the hair spray will let you keep you curls a little longer.

Just because we weren't born with curls doesn't mean that we have to miss out on the fun of having them, so figure out what method of getting great curls is going to work on you!
Enjoy, Ringlet Hair Curls!

Definition Ringlet

The noun ringlet has 2 meanings:
Meaning #1: a round shape formed by a series of concentric circles Synonyms: coil, whorl, roll, curl, curlicue, gyre, scroll
Meaning #2: a strand or cluster of hair Synonyms: lock, curl, whorl ~ Word Net

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