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Retrolicious Eyebrows

Katy Perry Retrorlicious

How does styling up some great retrolicious eyebrows sound?

If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then the brows must be the fabulous window treatments, and should be carefully chosen and maintained as such – and this principle is never so true as when applied to the vintage looks of the classic Hollywood pin-up girls.

These gorgeous ladies wrote the book on highly stylized eyebrows.

Qwen Stefani Eyebrows

There are a variety of versions of vintage brows, from the super-skinny Jean Harlow-esque apostrophes that inspired modern pin-up Gwen Stefani to the voluptuous Marilyn Monroe shape seen on bombshell Megan Fox.

Megan Fox Eyebrows

Whichever shape suits you best, a well groomed brow is the perfect finished touch to a polished pin up look.

Getting Retro Brows

You can entrust your brows to the professionals who deal in wax or thread, or make your own way with a great pair of tweezers and a few tips and tricks.

The number one rule of thumb when choosing the most flattering brow style is to try not to stray too far from what Mother Nature gave you.

If you’ve got a naturally strong and straight across brow, the upkeep on a pencil thin uber arch may drive you completely batty. Work with what you’ve got.

How To Do

Shape Vintage Brows

You’ll need some good, sharp tweezers (angled Tweezermans are excellent and easy to use), a brow gel or wax.

If you’re skin is very sensitive, an ice cube for numbing the area before the tweezing begins.

Tweeze carefully, grasping one or two hairs only at a go. Hold skin taut with your fingers and tweeze with the direction of hair growth to make the process as comfortable as possible.

An easy way to start with shaping is to grab a pencil or makeup brush, and start by holding it vertically against the side of one nostril.

This is where your brow should start, and tweeze only from the middle.

Then move your marker to a 45-ish degree angle, right through the iris of the eye – this is where your arch should be, either naturally or with a little help.

And finally, line your brush or pencil up against the outer corner of your eye to find where your brow should end.

It can be helpful to use a bit of brow powder or white pencil to fill in or outline the shape you’d like your brows to fall in, and then tweeze only on the outside.

Once you’ve achieved your desired shape, it’s time to fill in.

A neutral taupe brow powder (like Smashbox Brow Tech in Smashing Taupe) and angle brush are nearly fool proof for adding depth and definition to brows of any shade.

Use tiny little flicks of the brush to mimic hairs, and brush through with a brow brush or mascara wand to blend.

Keep everything under control with a bit of clear brow gel, tinted wax, or a spritz of hairspray on an old toothbrush.

High Arched Retro Eyebrows

And there you have it – the perfect finishing touch to a polished and perfect retro pin-up look, retrolicious eyebrows!

Enjoy, Trying Some Retrolicious Eyebrows

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