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Retro Inspired Bangs

Betty Bangs Sarah Canada

Retro Bangs

Greetings from Halifax, Canada!

I happened upon your website while trying to decide whether to go for Betty bangs or not.

I just love retro inspired looks, and figured some Betty Bangs would be a step up from my "emo-ish" side bangs.

They really complete a polished look and instant glam.

I find if you add a few clip-in hairpieces (preferably in colours that pop; so if you have dark brown-black hair, try red).

Tips For Cutting Retro Bangs

For my bangs, I kept them on the longer side (compared with a lot of rockabilly looks) and used my eyebrows as guides to cut around.

At first I had quite a pronounced "V" in the center, and decided that a rounded shape suited my face better.

The most difficult aspect to cutting your own Betty Bangs is to decide how far back to start them; I just used my stylist-cut side bangs as a guide.

I do find myself constantly making slight trims to get them "just right".

Have You Some Great Bettie Page Bangs You Would Like To Show Off?

Create your own page and show your style, share why you love your Bettie Bangs, how you cut, style, and maintain them.

Do you go further than just the bangs and have a complete vintage look and style? Visitors can comment on your style or ask you questions, it's fun, easy, and fast!

Just use this link to get started and show your style!

Please note, we are no longer able to accept just pictures, your page/story must now be at least 300 words.

Style Inspiration

Completing The Look

I do incorporate some other retro components into my look, e.g. Red Lipstick, Black Liner, Chunky earrings, and Scarves.

katy perry retro bangs

Katy Perry

Katy Perry is a good example of a modern twist on Betty Page glam; she looks great with her bangs (although not technically Betty style).

If you wear glasses, choose a "cat-eye" style to accentuate your retro look, and for sunglasses, the bigger, the more glam!

It's also a good idea to have well groomed eyebrows (go for a higher arch if you really want to go Betty Page, but be careful not to over pluck!).

Since I'm not really a skirt/dress person (I occasionally wear one with leggings)

I find that skinny pants, paired with a longer top and bolero-style sweater can help achieve a look that compliments the bangs.

Layering on necklaces (different lengths) helps too. If you're not yet ready to commit to cutting your hair into Betty bangs, then you may want to consider trying to roll the front part of your hair and pin it into place, mimicking Betty bangs (see Victory Rolls & Retro Hair Styles).


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