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Retro Hair Accessories

Retro Hair Accessories

Retro hair accessories are the perfect finishing touches for all your favorite retro hairstyles.

Feathered Headpeices

A feathered headpiece is the perfect topper for a formal wedding, or a colorful scarf tied loosely around your ponytail keeps things casually cool – either way you’ll be sure to bring a little vintage charm to any look.


Model Retro Hair Bandanna

With a root in the classic Rosie the Riveter look, a basic bandanna can be an easy and cute topper to your retro look.

Available in a variety of prints and fabrics, they can coordinate with just about anything, from skulls to anchors to cherries.

Wear them tied around the back of the head and knotted at the top, or tie underneath your hair for a kerchief-y look.

Head scarves do have a tendency to slip around on your hair, so be sure to secure it in place with bobby pins or snap clips.


Large Velvet Hair Bow

There are a variety of bow styles that can be clipped in to your ‘do.

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Vintage Victory Rolls
Styling Accessories

You can use one large one at the back of your victory rolls or pair two little ones grouped together on one side of a classic bob or on either side of cutesy pigtails.

Some cute little hairclips have little charms or buttons in the center, and you can personalize them just about any way that suits you – look for mermaids and Day of the Dead skulls or even the old classic Hello Kitty!

Finishing Touches

Feather Fascinators

Retro Facinator With Bird Cage Veil

Generally for more formal occasions, a sassy fascinator beautifully tops of a retro little black dress or can add personality to a more contemporary outfit like a little coat and denim.

Peacock feathers are very popular choices, but you can find fascinators with sparkly accents and birdcage veils attached as well.

Try one off center with a Betty Grable updo, or tucked just between a pair of victory rolls.

Retro Peacock Hairsticks

These hair sticks featuring Peackocks and stones would also work beautifully.


These loose hair nets are a very classic vintage accessory.

Tuck your hair inside and pin the snood behind your newly fashioned victory rolls for a genuine 40’s look.

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Hair Snoods
The Cocktail Hat

These can be worn with a formal dress or a pair of pedal pushers and a button up shirt, and can also be paired with bows and flowers.

Snoods are also a great way to fake longer or fuller hair – if you’re net feels a little envy, just stuff it with a small hairpiece to enhance the illusion.


Topping a pinup look off with a flower is a no brainer – the look is feminine and lovely, and universally flattering.

Some girls swear by fresh flowers, but there are some amazing looking silks out there, and then you can wear them over and over.

And, like the bows, many styles have little charms in the center, so look for old-fashioned cameos, bottlecaps, and other such ephemera to sparkle away on your little flower.

As you can see, the possibilities are endless as to the ways you can dress up your look.

These finishing little details will ensure that your pinup ensemble is flawless from head to toe!

Enjoy, Adding More Retro Hair Accessories
To Your Look!

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Retro Hair Accessories
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