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Retro Black Hairdos

Retro Black Hair Do

Retro Styling

What was once old is now new again and that means that Retro Black Hairdos are all the rage.

How lucky for African American women everywhere as Retro Black Hairdos are stylish, classy and incredibly sexy.

The 1920’s and 30’s were all about sultry yet sophisticated styles that were simple and unique yet held a flair that was undeniable.


Retro dos are being embraced by ladies that want to have that classic look in modern times. Many times, these retro hairstyles are achieved through a method known as finger waves

Finger waves are not too hard to implement into your locks with just a little practice in learning the method.

Of course, if it is something you are unsure of how to do, you can always visit a stylist.

However, if a Retro style is something you sport on a daily basis, you would be wise to learn how to style your hair on your own.

A Favorite Of Halle Berry

Celebrities like Halle Berry often keep their locks cropped short and seem to be very aware that clipped tresses are not only sophisticated, but much easier to care for.

Halle Berry is also a prime example that your hair does not have to be long to look fabulous and glamorous. Retro dos are an interesting way to stand out from the crowd.

Not all women want to look like everyone else walking down the street in the latest, trendy hairstyle.

With this Retro hairdo, you are afforded the option of standing out beautifully instead of blending in with the crowd.

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Style Inspiration

Styling Steps ~ Featured Style

  • Wash your hair with products created specifically for African American Hair
  • Towel dry gently and work out any tangles with a suitable comb
  • Use your fingers to apply a liberal amount of styling gel to wet locks
  • Once you have determined where you want to start creating your waves, place your middle finger across your hair
  • Use a comb pressed against the side of your finger and working in sections no more than once inch, you want to pull the comb with the teeth down sideways along your finger.

This will create the desired ridge that you are looking for.

Do not lift the comb, but rather lay it flat against your head, and put your index finger against your middle finger and push on the ridge so that its held down snug.

  • At this point, turn the teeth of the comb into a vertical position and comb your hair out while curving it back into the opposite direction.
  • Move your middle finger so that you can form ridges as you desire.
  • This method should leave you with waves that go in one direction as well as waves that are shaped in somewhat of a letter C going in the other direction.
  • Leave a gap of about the space of two fingers and create a new ridge that follows the same direction as the one above.
  • You can form waves in your Retro Black Hairdo as far down as you wish

Allow your hair to dry naturally and either leave the look as is or carefully comb them out for a softer finished style.

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Retro Black Hairdos
Updated December 15, 2012

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