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Writing in a journal at night may help you eliminate stress and reduce worry and anxiety allowing you to fall asleep relaxed


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When you suffer from stress, worry, or anxiety, it can be very hard to relax your mind enough so that you can fall asleep.

Tension at bedtime can lead to the occasional sleepless night or even result in long-term insomnia. A journal may help you in reducing stress There are several ways that you can reduce concern over situations and events in your life for a long enough time needed to fall asleep.

The most important thing is to find a method that works for you. The main objective is to reach a point where you can empty your mind and allow yourself to realize that any problems your facing can be dealt with the following day.

Your mind needs to understand that nighttime is for resting, not problem solving. For some people, writing in a diary or a journal is an effective way of eliminating stress that they feel.

Spending a few moments before bed writing down anything that causes you tension or concern can help in reducing stress and leave you feeling calm enough to sleep. Writing is an extremely helpful natural way of reducing tension in your life and to reduce stress.

In your journal, make a list of anything that is causing you to feel stress. Write down any of the issues you have that can be dealt with the following day.

When you have a list in front of you that contains a plan of action, you may feel in control enough of the situation to relax and go to sleep.

By the same token, you need to be aware that there will be things that you can not always control. These items can be listed in your journal separately. Although they may be troublesome, make yourself aware that you can not control everything.

Sometimes in an effort to become more relaxed we have to learn to accept and let go of the things we can do nothing about.

Once you have finished your two lists close your journal and remind yourself over and over as needed that you will not worry about any of these issues until the following day.

If you awake during the night, and are thinking about your troubles, repeat again to yourself that you will not worry about your lists until tomorrow.

Do not allow yourself to dwell on the problems or to open your journal and you will again be reducing stress and tension.

The objective to keeping your journal is to reduce the amount of time you spend at night worrying. By this token, make sure to include all your worries and fears in your journal along with the events of the day.

By writing down what you are feeling, you give yourself permission to worry about the things that cause you anxiety. However, you also are saying that it is okay to spend the nighttime sleeping and leave the daytime for dealing with your problems.

A Journal May Help You Eliminate Stress

Besides writing, you could also try a mixture of soothing music and yoga to ease any tension you are feeling in your mind.

A little bit of quiet reading is a relaxation method many find useful to partake in before bed as well. It does not really matter which method for reducing stress that you choose.

The main goal is to ultimately relax your body and mind enough and reducing stress so that you can have a restful sleep.

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