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Who better to name as a red carpet beauty than Carrie Ann Inaba? Yes, we are talking about the very glamorous and stylish judge of "Dancing with the Stars".

Carrie Ann Inaba Red Carpet Beauty

Featuring Carrie Ann Inaba

Carrie will be seen at the Academy Awards pre show, and meanwhile she's keeping herself occupied preparing for it. Let us ask her what preparations she is making for this event so that we know all about her red carpet secrets.

What diet plan do you have nowadays?

As a dancer, I was always made to fit in costumes that were tiny so I had to be on strict diets most of the time. I had to fast on multiple occasions and other times I opted for liquid diets to be fit for my performance, but now since I am 42 years old, I do not feel the need to be very slim because I do not have to be ever ready for camera or wear a bathing suit under my dress.

Still, I am conscious about my diet all the time, and make sure that I eat a lot of vegetables whilst also cutting down on salty and fattening foods like chips.

Are you working out to stay fit for the red carpet event?

I always make it a point to do a double workout for Oscars, and this time makes no exception; I am working out double on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. One form of my workouts has always been my cardio dance class, also known as Drenched.

So to increase my workout, I opt for continuous classes or practice at my house. Tuesdays and Thursdays are not double workout days, and my weekends are spent taking long bike rides at the beach. I do not work out to be very slim and smart, but I would like to reduce an inch or two. I basically work out to fill myself with energy and to tone my muscles.

Are you working on your skin for your red carpet look?

I personally feel that the skin reflects one's inner health and beauty, so if your skin is soft and well hydrated, that tells how healthy you are from the inside. To get ready for the red carpet, I will get a spray-on tan from the person who ensures a tanned look for everybody on "Dancing with the Stars" because he makes the tan appear really natural. I will also get a pedicure to make sure my nails look perfect in revealing open-toe shoes.

How do you plan to have your hair done for the event?

To give my hair color enough time to settle, I color my hair a week before the main event. I am getting both lowlights as well as highlights to give them more depth. Since I am an Asian, I like to support my dark colored hair. I will get it trimmed like I do every month, and make sure that my locks are well- conditioned like always.

What will you do on the final day to ensure your red carpet beauty look?

My team and I will gather at the Hollywood Hotel. It will take me two hours to get my hair and makeup done, and then I'll get dressed. The red carpet goes live at 3pm. I will make sure to have my full breakfast at 10 and also work out for half an hour. Then, I'll be in proper shape to set out for the red carpet.

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Published November 2, 2011

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