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Raw Foodist Kitchen And Small Appliances

New Raw Foodist? You will need these small appliances in your kitchen
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raw foodsWith some basic raw food appliances, you will have everything you need to create a vast variety of tantalizing raw food recipes and become an accomplished raw foodist. There are only four basic appliances the raw foodist needs in their kitchen. Three of them are must-haves.

There are several other appliances that will save you time in the kitchen and will make things easier. Whether you are prepared to buy it all or are beginning with only the basics.

I have broken them down into two separate lists for a raw foodist kitchen.

The Bare Essentials For The Raw Foodist Kitchen

If you are on a budget, then begin with purchasing the following items: Dehydrator Blender Food Processor Nut Milk Bag With these bare essentials, you will have all you need to make a wide variety of rich and wonderful raw food recipes including nut milks, smoothies, vegan ice cream and much more.

The Basics For A Raw Foodist Kitchen


The raw food oven is a nifty device called a dehydrator. Along with dehydrating they can also be used for thawing out foods and frozen liquids from the freezer as well as slightly warming up raw food dishes.


A common kitchen utensil already, blenders are true to their name. They are miraculous blenders.

Food Processor

This clever kitchen tool is truly multi-talented. Food processors mix, combine, "process", slice and shreds. Juicer If you intend on concocting your own juice blends or simply making your own juices then a juicer is absolutely a must have.

Nut Milk Bag

These are essential for straining nut milks. Nut milk bags ensure that the end result is smooth and creamy. They are inexpensive so buy more than one.

Additional Raw Food Appliances For A Raw Foodist Kitchen

Spice Grinder

Handy for grinding spices and seeds, spice grinders are inexpensive and will save you loads of time in the kitchen. You can also use a coffee grinder.


A high quality upgrade from the traditional blender, the Vitamix is the turbo-charge version. It makes blending a cinch, saving you lots of time. This elite raw food appliance is made to last. Enjoy, a well stocked raw foodist kitchen!

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