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rachel zoe hairstyles

Contrary to what some people may believe, not all celebrities are naturally put together. In fact, a large portion of female stars use professional stylists such as Rachel Zoe to help them come up with a look that sets them apart from the crowd.

It is not a surprise at all when you catch a look at her eye popping style and incredible hairstyles to know that Hollywood’s female elite, enlist Rachel Zoe to help them look their best.

Just as she is sure to advice her clientele, Rachel knows that it is best to buck trends and wear your tresses in a style that is geared to flatter your face shape, hair type and texture.

With her medium to thick hair, Rachel's hairstyle complete with soft layers shaped to fall around her top and sides cascades into glorious waves that leave her mane shining.

Hair color is also an essential aspect of any great hairstyle. You want to use hues that flatter the color of your complexion and do not over or under whelm your skin tone. Rachel Zoe’s hairstyle combines various shades of dark blonde that cause her tanned flesh to pop.

Even though this hairstyle will work best on ladies who have medium to thick locks, if you are willing to take the time to play with some hair products, those with fine hair can attempt this hairstyle as well.

The implementation of layers in Rachel Zoe’s hairstyle creates the luscious waves that make this style stand apart from others. However, if you do not have natural waves to your tresses, you can create them with styling tools and products.

Variations of this hairstyle that Rachel wears can be worn to flatter your individual face shape, however, those with round, heart, oval, or diamond face shapes will find their features naturally flattered by a haircut such as this.

As it has wave and plenty of length, this is not a hairstyle that is wash and go. It will take some time to style to leave it looking perfect. However, the results are certainly worth the effort!

Rachel Zoe Styling Steps

style steps Wash your hair with products designed for your current hair type and condition

style steps Use a wide tooth comb to work out tangles and direct your hair as desired

style steps With your fingers work first a generous dollop of moisturizer and then sculpting lotion throughout

style steps Use the tail end of your comb to create a part either down the middle or off to one side

style steps Create small, two inch sections in your hair for easier manageability

style steps Work with a large barreled round brush while drying. You will want to dry the back and sides of your hair down and under. Your crown should be lifted slightly while drying to aid with volume

style steps Once your tresses are fully dry, a large barreled curling iron can be used to curl your locks. Again working in small sections, create loose ringlets throughout your hair all around your head

style steps Gently work your curls into waves with your fingers

style steps Use some wax on your fingertips to piece the ends of your hair and lift your crown

style steps Smoothing shine and hairspray can be spritzed on for gloss and hold


rachel zoe hairstyle


Rachel Zoe Hairstyles

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