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Punk Bob

Punk Asymmetrical Bob

A Punk Asymmetrical Bob Hairstyle With Andreea

Hi! my name is Andreea and I’ve just finished Christine Valmy hairstyle school. I like this job a lot and that's why most of the hairstyles I imagine I do them first on myself.

Here it is one of the hairstyles created by me. It’s a hairstyle that let's you choose how you want to be: classic or punk, good girl or bad girl. So it's 2 different hairstyles in one.

These are the details of how I realized this and what I'd inspired and I am glad to be able to share it with you through Show Your Style.

So about my hairstyle, first of all I started with a classic bob, but I've changed it a little bit, because in front it is asymmetric: the right side is longer than the left side.

I also painted the right side in pink (3 stripes) with an Italian product named MAGMA which ,discolors and colors in the same time, because I wanted to emphasis/ evidence this side.

I believe it's sexy and interesting at the same time. I also sliced this right part so my natural hair and the painted hair mix in an interesting way.

Punk Bob Hairstyle Side View

After that I'd cut up my hair short on my nape, by lifting the part of my hair on this area and cutting under it like so: I separated the hair in a round line until above my ears and cut it short, after that I used the same product (MAGMA) and painted my hair in pink.

Punk Bob Hairstyle Back View

Then I wrote in the middle the name PINK (which is my favorite singer) using black paint and a pattern made by me.

Style Inspiration

So there you have it: a classic bob with asymmetric style, which is very interesting and unique, mixed with a short punk cut which live you the choice to express yourself in a different way than a classical one.

Punk Bob Back View

My inspiration came from PINK because she is like this: a mix between a sexy, gorgeous woman and a wild, strong and free spirit. So I dedicate this hairstyle to her!

Punk Bob Hairstyle Andrea

I love Andreea’s style, and have invited Andreea to keep us updated on her own hairstyles and the promising career that lies ahead for this talented young stylist.

Punk Bob

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Punk Bob
Updated December 16, 2012

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