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Pubic Hair Removal, Is It For You

Pubic hair removal has always been a much-debated subject, but never more so than when it comes to pubic hair. Everyone seems to have an opinion on whether or not the hair in your most private area should be taken away and if so- by how much.

Only you can be the one to answer that question as your pubic hair, or lack of it is a very personal decision.

Brazilian Wax ~ You can opt to just trim slightly or to just rid your bikini area of unwanted hair. Or, you could even make the choice to go for a full, controversial Brazilian wax job.

If you have decided to remove some or all of your pubic hair, the next matter is opting on which method of hair removal you are going to work with.

The method that most people seem to go for when deciding to remove their pubic hair is waxing.

Waxing is a very safe choice and this method has been in use for numerous years.


Waxing is also a popular pubic hair removal method because it does not cost a lot of money to do.

Also, the discomfort from waxing is generally minimal and does not last much past the actual time of having your wax job done.

After waxing, you will find whatever location hair was removed from in your pubic area to feel soft and free from hair or stubble.

Waxing does have the drawback of not being permanent. You will usually notice the first hairs returning to your pubic area within a couple of weeks.

You can opt to purchase wax and take care of your pubic hair at home or you can visit a professional and have yourself groomed in a salon setting.

Brazilian waxing is certainly not for the faint of heart- or anyone who happens to be shy. When you subject yourself to a Brazilian waxing, you will be left completely hair free in any area that is normally covered by your panties.

Brazilian waxing should really never be attempted at home. Instead, opt to go to a trained professional. This is a delicate area and you do not want to risk harming yourself in any way.

Sugaring ~ Sugaring is another method of pubic hair removal that can be used on your pubic area. Sugaring is a lot like waxing however it is composed of an organic blend that is sugar based. It is preferable to some because it is thought to make less of a mess than wax does.

Most of the time, the sugar base is blended with honey and lemon. This combination for hair removal has actually been utilized for centuries. The pasty blend is placed onto your skin and allowed to harden.

As the sugar becomes firm, it grips your pubic hair tightly and which point, it is pulled rapidly from your skin taking unwanted hair with it.

There are various creams and depilatories on the market that you can use to take away pubic hair too. However, many of these products are full of chemicals that can irritate your skin.

The same is true of shaving, you can be left with bumps and discomfort. Not to mention that your hair will return very quickly.

You can look into laser treatments or electrolysis for your pubic area if you wish, but several costly treatments will be needed before the hair is gone for good.

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