Provillus Review, Does It Work?

This Provillus review will give you facts you need to know if you want to buy Provillus. Many women who experience hair loss buy Provillus to grow back hair and prevent future hair loss. Hair loss can be completely embarrassing for men and women both.

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When you first discover that you are losing your hair it can be quite scary, stressful and overwhelming. You will probably try a lot of different ways in order to hide that you are losing your hair. You might wear more accessories to take any attention away from your hair.

You might style your hair differently than usual to cover up any bald spots. You might wear scarves, hats or other head coverings to hide your hair loss. You might even get your hair permanently curled to make it look thicker and fuller.

Unfortunately, you can do anything you want to hide your decreasing hair. It will still continue to fall out. Eventually someone is going to notice, although they probably will not say anything to you about it. Then your personal embarrassment is visual to everyone you encounter.

There is a lot of help and information out there for men on hair loss, but not so much for women. Fortunately, in the past decade or so companies have seen the need for something to help women fight hair loss, not just men. You may have heard of male pattern baldness, which is the most common cause for hair loss in men.

There is also female pattern baldness, which effects about one out of every four women in the United States alone. Most women that experience female pattern baldness notice it when they begin to go through menopause.

Stigma Of Women's Hair Loss

In men, hair loss is well known and generally seen as completely natural. Unfortunately, this is not the same for women. We are supposed to have our hair and keep it for life. Hair loss in women is not seen as natural. It carries a lot of stigma with it. A lot of men will simply shave their heads to avoid dealing with their own hair loss.

There are not many women who are willing to shave their heads! As women, our hair is a very important part of ourselves. Even though hair loss is completely natural in women as well as men, not many people see it this way. You probably don't either.

Causes Of Hair Loss In Women

Hair loss in women varies, unlike the way men lose their hair. You could be very young or older. However, the cause remains the same, hormones. Your thyroid is important in keeping your hair healthy, so when it is either overactive or under active you will notice your hair falling out and staying out permanently.

During pregnancy and a few months after giving birth you might notice some hair loss. However, this hair loss is not permanent and your hair will grow back soon, so there is no need to worry about it. While too much testosterone seems to one of the main causes for hair loss in men, it is too much progesterone that can cause hair loss in women. This is why a lot of women start losing their hair in menopause. Hormone replacement therapy can be the cause of this.

Any hormone imbalance in your body can cause you to lose your hair. If you can create a good balance and maintain it your hair will remain. You will need to see your medical professional about this to figure out the cause and the proper treatment.

Provillus for Women is a formula that has been specifically made to treat the hair loss problems that women experience. It is a topical product that has the FDA approved ingredient that has been shown to help your hair grow back. It can help you stop your hair loss, grow back hair you have already lost, and even give you thicker, healthier hair.

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Author: Tanna Mayer
Updated: March 3, 2015

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