Promotional Modeling Jobs

Sometimes referred to as a spokesmodel, or tradeshow model, promotional modeling jobs are a lucrative career for many people. A promotional model is hired by a company to represent their product and be a spokesperson for their service, product, concept, or brand.

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Promotional Modeling

Often interacting with an audience, customer, or crowd, a promotional model not only looks physically attractive, but also must be outgoing and friendly. 

Since promotional models appear to represent the company (even though they do not work for the company directly, they are freelance models) they must speak to the customer in an attempt to sell the product they are promoting.  Promotional modeling offers many benefits and can help a model that is struggling breaking into editorial or television modeling find work.

It isn't uncommon to find promotional models that don't meet the requirements typical of supermodels as well. The height standards of ranging between 5'8 and 6' don't necessarily apply to promotional models.

Promotional Models

Additionally, promotional models don’t have to be a size 7 or 8, like traditional models either. Many companies will select promotional models that look or resemble the audience that the product is promoting. 

This allows for greater variety in appearance and also allows the model the ability to take on a character or play act for the job. 

Getting started in promotional modeling includes finding an agency that specializes in promotional models.

You will need to have composite cards taken, and the agency will let you know if you need a portfolio or not.  Many agencies today place photos and composite cards online, allowing clients the ease of viewing and selecting models easily and conveniently.

Therefore, your photos or composite card will be vital for securing future jobs. Sometimes the company that hires promotional models will refer itself as a staffing center and not a modeling agency. 

No matter what the company calls itself, always check the reputation of the company with the Better Business Bureau and make sure that there have been no negative complaints filed. 

The Wide Range Of Promotional Modeling Jobs

There are many different functions that a promotional model will serve, simply because promotional models can work in a variety of fields. Sometimes a promotional model will be responsible for distributing literature and handouts during conventions and trade shows. Some promotional models are hired to present products in shopping malls or plazas. 

Since the model is used to draw attention to the product, appearance is a determining factor in landing the job, however, the model or spokes model must have good speaking skills, and be a people person in general.

Where a runway model or someone modeling for fashion catalogs and magazines won't have direct contact with the consumer, the promotional model's career is dependent upon the consumer relationship 

For this reason, many promotional models that might not have the looks to make it big in runway or editorial, print modeling can enjoy a successful, lucrative career with promotional modeling jobs.

Since promotional models are not employees of any company, agency, or staffing center it is important that promotional models understand how to keep track of their earnings and file their own taxes. You will be required to file a 1099 form with the IRS at the end of each year, so make certain to keep detailed records of any income earned. 

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