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Professional Makeup Artist

Nothing makes a girl feel quite as special as being pampered by a professional makeup artist.

Pampering For Makeup

Whether it is splurging on a spa pedicure or indulging in an expensive massage, these little treats you give to yourself can brighten any day. And why should your makeup be any different?

Treating yourself to a professional makeup application can do wonders for your self-esteem and bring a new perspective to the way you view your face.

Especially for those special occasions when you'll likely be photographed non-stop, a professional makeup artist can make all the picture perfect difference.

These artists will be found working the counter at your local department store, or even visiting the store directly from the cosmetic company.

Depending on your location, you can likely also find numerous freelance artists who work independently and will be happy to come to you the day of your special event.

If you can get a referral from someone whose opinion you trust, that is often the best way to find the right artist for you.

Otherwise, shop around. If you are hunting online, most established artists have web sites featuring photographs of their work.

If you are scouring a store in the mall, hover about and watch how the artist applies makeup, and if you like the end result.

Ask for references, and include questions relating to demeanor and punctuality as well as artistic ability.

Don't be afraid to ask questions of the artist herself, including what products she uses, how she sterilizes her products and brushes, and what her specialty is.

When it comes down to actually meeting with your artist on the big day, pictures can be a huge help in communicating the specific look you are after.

The "smoky eye" is a common request, for instance, and can be interpreted as anything from Pamela Anderson's extreme blackout cat eye to a softer, earth-toned red carpet look.

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Updated May 9, 2012

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Communicate With Your Makeup Artist

Don't be afraid to tell the artist exactly what it is you like and do like, and also be clear if there is a feature you are particular about.

Some clients absolutely HAVE to draw in their own eyebrows, or only like liquid foundations as opposed to cream.

The artist's main objective should be to please you, as well as leave you looking your best, and while that does require a certain amount of trust in her ability on your part, your opinion should also factor into your session.

A professional makeup artist also has access to professional grade products not typically found at your drugstore or department store counter.

These products are designed to photograph beautifully and wear longer, and can be your best ally on your big day.

Primers, fixative sprays, color sealants, mattifying gels and a variety of other goodies you likely never knew existed are another reason to leave it to the professionals.

After all the money spent on designer shoes and bags, and fabulous dresses, shouldn't you also be willing to invest in your most important asset – yourself?

Enjoy, a professional makeup artist soon!

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