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Split Ends
March 22, 2010

Beauty And The Bath Rose

Beauty And The Bath Rose


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Beauty And The Bath Rose

Beauty And The Bath Rose

hair brush

Prevent Split Ends

Never over brush
your hair

Over brushing is a major cause of split ends and hair breakage, making it hard for you to maintain healthy hair

Beauty And The Bath Rose

Prevent Split Ends

Is Your Hair Fit To Be Tied - How to Make Your Hair Do and not do the Splits

no spilt ends

Cornrows, braids, ponytails, and other popular styles that contort your locks into unnatural positions can distress hair to (and past!) the breaking point.

Lots of split ends and broken strands, especially along the hairline, indicate that you need to reduce wear and tear sooner rather than later. Here are a few simple tips that can help you minimize the damage and prevent split ends:

* Give your hair a chance to go its own way from time to time by periodically switching to a more natural style. Your friends will still recognize you, and your newly liberated hair will get a much-needed opportunity to relax, recover and regrow.

• Loosen up a little: Hair pulled too taut can be a real headache … and we mean that literally! To save yourself the discomfort and to avoid pulled-out strands, leave your hair loose around the roots when you tie or braid. Like to visualize? Think of gathering the hair, not pulling it.

• Ponytail holders are positively notorious for snagging hair, causing ends to split and strands to break. The slick solution: Grease your hairband with a dab of conditioner fore you tie up.

How to Make Your Hair Do the Splits

If you’d like your hair be dry as a bundle of dead twigs, and so split and frayed at the ends that you can’t do a thing with it, we can offer several useful pointers. Follow this advice, and we promise you’ll have hair that resembles the dangling remains of a broken tire-swing rope and you will not prevent split ends.

* Overuse plenty of harsh, moisture-sapping chemicals on a regular basis. Straighteners, bleaches, dyes, curling lotions, and permanent wave solutions will all severe nicely.

• Apply more than one of the above treatments to your hair on the same day.

• Leave just about any hair-care product on your hair too long.

• Get compulsive about washing your hair, cleansing is an essentially drying, oil-sapping process. Shampooing too frequently is therefore a wonderful way to leave your hair bone dry.

• Blow-dry until it hurts. Put your machine on the highest setting, and let that sucker run. No one else in your house uses the bathroom, anyhow.

• Be really heavy-handed when you comb and brush to ensure that the strands you’ve weakened actually split, fray, and break, comb and brush often, at least several times a day.

• Give your hair some sun, it hasn’t been out enough lately.

How to Keep Your Hair from Doing the Splits

We hope you laughed while reading the list above—it wasn’t at all meant to be taken seriously and will cause not prevent split ends. However, many people routinely commit nearly all of those blunders, mainly because they just don’t know better.

Proper hair care begins with understanding that your hair is part of the organ system known as the skin. And hair, like skin, loves the natural oils that keep it soft, smooth, and supple. (Where have you read those words before?) To keep your hair well lubed and looking sharp, kindly follow the real advice offered below to prevent split ends.

* Pare your hair care arsenal down to the essentials, and use what’s left as sparingly as possible. Harsh chemicals that make hair dry and brittle, such as bleaches and dyes, cause damage that can’t be repaired except through cyclical regrowth, so lay off the rough stuff for a while when splitting, fraying, and breakage start to occur.

* While waiting for new hair to replace damaged hair, use a conditioner (or a conditioning shampoo) to make your hair appear softer and fuller.

• Never apply more than one chemical treatment to your hair on the same day. Also, if you bleach, dye, or tint, do your best to apply the product to new growth only. Applying it to old growth amounts to double-treating those strands, which fairly begs them to break.

• When using hair care products, always rinse them out thoroughly after the prescribed amount of time. Shampoo should also be rinsed completely from your hair. It’s not uncommon for people to mistake dried particles of residual shampoo for dandruff flakes.

• Wash your hair only as often as necessary, using a shampoo that keeps it clean and manageable. If your hair is naturally dry, be especially wary of overwashing to prevent split ends.

• If you blow-dry, do so at moderate heat, and stop before your hair dries completely. The ends should still be slightly damp to the touch when you’re through with the machine.

• Comb and brush only as often as needed to keep yourself presentable, and use a light touch when you do. Overly vigorous combing and brushing are among the chief causes of damaged, broken hair. To stimulate the scalp, use massage in addition to your once-a-day brushing.

• Wear a hat to protect your hair (and scalp, and face!) whenever you’ll be outside long enough to risk prolonged UV exposure.

Using the tips above will help you prevent split ends and enjoy healthy stonger hair.


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