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It can keep your partner awake at night and do serious damage to your teeth.

It can even be a cause of undiagnosed jaw pain.

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How to Stop Teeth Grinding Effectively

It is normal to clench or grind your teeth periodically, especially when you are under stress.

This time-to-time occurrence is relatively harmless.

It is when Bruxism or teeth grinding becomes habitual that it causes various oral health problems.

Stop Teeth Grinding

Beauty And The Bath Rose

Prevent Grinding Teeth

Are You Affected by Grinding Teeth?

Grinding teeth is a major cause of discomfort amongst those that are affected by this unpleasant condition. When it comes to teeth grinding, not all people are aware they suffer from it until they are prompted by their life partners to do a checkup or until they suddenly experience a strange jaw pain. So what causes grinding teeth and what are the measures that can be taken to minimize the problem?

Teeth grinding or bruxism as it is also known is not associated with obvious causes. It seems that children are often affected by it, but bruxism in their case disappears at some point, later in life. As far as grownups are concerned, teeth grinding seems to be connected with stress and anxiety. In order to reduce or eliminate the symptoms, one must eliminate the stressful circumstances that lead to the problem in the first place.

There are ways to find out if you suffer from grinding teeth or not. People affected by this condition wake up in the morning with jaw pain and they also suffer from frequent headaches. In addition, if you manifest symptoms of teeth grinding, you will definitely be contacted by your loved ones telling you about the recurrent noise caused by the grinding of your teeth.

If you noticed these symptoms, or signs of teeth grinding have been pointed out to you, it is best to visit your dentist who will check for dental irregularities and another significant symptoms that suggest the existence of this condition. If you do suffer from teeth grinding, you are probably wondering what you can do to eliminate the problem.

Here's what you need to do to prevent further teeth grinding episodes:

Avoid Stress

If you want to decrease the frequency of teeth grinding, you need to cut down some of that stress you're constantly subjected to. Nocturnal teeth grinding is often a sign of major restlessness and anxiety so try to eliminate or reduce whatever causes you tension.

A good idea is to use stress reducing methods such as yoga, meditation or breathing exercises. You can also opt for relaxing baths or drinking calming tea before going to bed. Anything that reduces anxiety, including anti-anxiety medications prescribed by a doctor can help you prevent teeth grinding at night.

Make Sure your Medications do not Favor Teeth Grinding

You might not be aware of it, but your medication might also be a contributing factor regarding grinding teeth. Certain antidepressant or antipsychotic drugs can lead to teeth grinding so you'd better discuss the matter with your doctor to make sure the medication you're on doesn't stimulate teeth grinding.

Eliminate the Threat of Teeth Grinding by using a Custom Mouth Guard

Another thing you can do to stop teeth grinding is to use a custom mouth guard. These items can be purchased directly, without a prescription, yet you need a mouth guard with the optimal size in order for it to work in your advantage.

Ask your dentist to create a custom mouth guard for you to ensure its efficiency against grinding teeth. In addition, have a family member assess the effectiveness of the mouth guard by checking it out to determine if the frequency of your symptoms have been reduced.

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