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Pretty Medium Flip For Teens

pretty medium flip hair makeover

Try this pretty medium flip if you are getting tired of sporting layered long hair. Although long hair is the ultimate sign of femininity and is often included in the criteria of "searching guys", wearing long hair for years can be tiring and stressful.

If you have long hair, you have to constantly maintain it to prevent dandruff, dry hair, and split ends. These unsightly effects of poorly maintained hair can only be trying and may cause you to think twice about keeping your hair long. If you are very eager to find a new hairstyle that permits you to keep your hair long but make you look different and exciting, why not try the pretty medium flip?

Have you seen pictures of women from the '60s and '70s wearing their hair long but with dramatic curls and flips that are reminiscent of the "Beatle" times? It is easy to realize that these classy hairstyles just don't grow old. They looked good on women back then, and they will surely look good on women even now.

The featured model for this article just got tired of how she looked. Flowing hair may look good on a lot of people, but wearing the same 'do for how many years isn't fun anymore. Besides, you always have to worry about tying your hair up if you don't want to feel hot and sticky during warm weather. And if you want to keep it looking good, you have to set aside hundreds of dollars on hair care alone.

To address the boredom, the model worked with a stylist to come up with a new style that would keep her hair long but with added fun and excitement. The result is this pretty medium flip that revives the classy woman of the '70s. Aside from the fabulous curls, the new 'do has succeeded in complementing the delicate features of the model. Follow the easy style steps below to get the eternal look of this classic medium flip:

style steps for pretty medium flip

  • Thoroughly wash your hair and scalp with shampoo. Styling works best on hair that is oil and dirt-free.
  • You may opt to use hair color or not, but in the case of the model, a reddish tint that is similar to the natural color of her hair was used to brighten the reddish-brown hues.
  • With the help of a hair stylist or a friend who can trim down some locks, carefully work on your bangs to create a youthful look. Trim the bangs to a single length, making sure that it is short enough not to cover the eyebrows.
  • Trim the main section of the hair by 1-2 centimeters to remove split-ends if there are any. Newly-cut hair is also easier to perm/style.
  • You have to decide if you want the flip to be temporary or permed. In this article, the hair style of the model is temporary and can be done by the use of a hairbrush and blow-dryer.
  • Roll the hairbrush over the tips of the hair and slowly turn the brush outwards, gently pulling the hair until it is caught by the bristles of the hair brush. When there are 2-3 inches of coiled hair on the brush, use the blow dryer to set the flip.
  • Repeat the previous step on other hair sections until the hair is filled with flips at the end.
  • Use hair spray to encourage the new style to set.

Enjoy, a pretty medium flip

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Updated December 1, 2011

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