Pretty Holiday Hairstyles

Here are 3 pretty holiday hairstyles for the approaching special days when you need both your dress and hair to look extraordinary. Sometimes it is change itself that can make us feel extraordinary.

Holiday Hairstyles

New Dresses Need Pretty Holiday Hairstyles

If you have straight hair think of styling a romantic look of bountiful cascading curls or waves. If you normally wear your hair in its natural curls try a sleek and smooth look.

It is always a good idea to consider the neckline of your dress when choosing a party or holiday hairstyle. If the neckline or shoulders of your dress are adorned with ruffles or layers an all up or half up at the front half down at the back style is best.

Adding layers of curls or waves over this extra fabric looks too poufy and why would you want to hide the beautiful details that made you fall in love with your dress.

If your party dress has a classic flat scooped neckline all up can elongate your neck further for a very elegant look.

A plunging v neck line is stunning when framed with layers of curls and waves. If your dress features a back neckline or detail an all up do or all to one side is the way to show it.

Here are some hairstyle pictures of party dos that say wow and will make you look and feel special through this holiday season. Whether your style is romantic, classic, sexy, or modern there is a style that will showcase your dress and let you shine.

Loose And Sexy Updo

loose and sexy updo

Our first style is a loose sexy updo that is perfect for almost all of your holiday dresses.

Towel dry your hair leaving if slightly damp, apply a curl enchansing volumizing mousse.

Use a blow-dryer with a diffuser nozzle and flip all of your hair over applying low heat from your ends up towards your roots, as you go scrunching and finger-comb through hair to keep any natural curl in shape.

When you have your hair almost dry hair dry stand straight and continue to use your fingers to untangle any knots and keeping your curls smooth.

Wrap two-inch sections of hair around a large heated roller and secure each one to two inches from roots.

Let rollers cool to help hold the curl and only then unwrap each one, misting each new curl with a lightweight hairspray as you go.

Pull all of your hair up into a top ponytail wrapping a few inches of strands around ponytail base.

Using the end of a rat tail comb lift and pull up sections at front. Pull thin strands all the way out for trendells.

Lock the style by spritzing with hairspray.

All Down Soft Curls And Waves

all down holiday hairstyle

Long cascades of curls and waves always make pretty holiday hairstyles. If everyone usually sees you with moderately straight tresses arriving with this bounty of volume and curls will sure to make your arrival noticed!

Wash your hair using a curl-enchansing shampoo and conditioner, this will help bring out any natural texture your hair may have.

Use a good sized dollop of curl-enchansing mousse and scrunch through all strands using your fingertips.

Take a large round brush and blow-dry all of your hair layer by layer curling ends to form big loose waves as you dry.

When all of your hair has been dried wrap two-inch sections of hair around large hot rollers.

Only when hair and rollers are completely cool unwrap each new curl and mist with hairspray as you go.

To keep this look soft and natural looking loosen hair gently using your fingertips.

Half Down And Romantic

half up romantic hairstyle

A pretty holiday hairstyle with a soft romantic feel that gives you the best of both worlds. A half up and half down updo.

Wash your hair using a good thickening shampoo and conditioner.

Towel dry and while hair is slightly damp apply a lightweight styling mousse using your fingetips.

Blow-dry your hair using a large round brush, as you dry pull your hair straight and curl the ends under.

When you have all of your hair dry tease lightly around the roots at the top of your scalp near the hairline then smooth hair back down the center of your scalp securing with crossed bobby pins at the back.

You can pull up and lift sections higher at the front using the end of a rat tail comb.

Curl the remaining length down the back of your hair using a small-barrel curling iron, hold your curling iron vertically to form gentle rolls.

Finish with a light weight hairspray.

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Romantic Styles

Holiday Hairstyles

Calling All Angels
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