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Pretty Hands

Pretty hands and the elusive perfect 10: We all want it. We all know it's out there.

Getting The Perfect 10

But most of us never quite nail it.

"It," of course, is the elegant, finished look of hands and nails that reach an aesthetically satisfying conclusion in the form of strong, shapely, well-groomed nails and soft hands.

No less than a glowing, unblemished complexion or firm, well-toned muscles, pretty hands and beutiful nails not only improve a woman's overall appearance.

They also testify to the world that their owner cares enough about herself to attend to every detail.

Right down to the tips of her fingers and toes. So have them we must.

But how? There are plenty of normal, everyday women with absolutely gorgeous nails and very pretty hands who could not give you the name or phone number of a nail salon if their life depended on it.

These women don't possess any secret wisdom or special training, either.

They simply know how to care for and beautify their nails and hands properly.

They may be using the very same implements and nail-care products that are probably stowed away in your medicine cabinet or cosmetics bag right now.

Read on—and find out how you, too, can achieve digital perfection and pretty hands.

Nail Function

Nails, at first glance, look simple enough. If you did not know better, you might assume they were similar to bones or cartilage, which, like nails, are relatively hard and tough.

Nails are actually an extension of the skin. Like the softer skin that covers the face and body.

The primary function of your fingernails and toenails, at least biologically, is to provide protection to the tips of the fingers and toes.

A purpose for which they are remarkably well suited. Additionally, nails refine your sense of touch.

They allow you to pick up small objects like paperclips and safety pins.

They improve your ability to perform precise tasks such as threading a needle, sliding a dollar bill into a vending machine or scratching the winning number off your lottery ticket.


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Nail Care - Understanding Nail Structure

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Learn about the structure of your nails and what each part does, the nail plate, the nail bed, and the nail matrix
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Tips to help you care for and protect your nails and deal with nail discoloration caused by dark nail polish

Nail Cuticles

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Beautiful Nails

Skin Care At Forty And Beyond

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Nail Damage

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Acetone Nail Polish
Acetone is a strong solvent found in nail polish and nail polish removers, treatments to repair dryness

Nail Growth

Nail Growth Article
Nail Growth
Your fingernails are constantly growing, your health and diet can effect just how fast your nails grow

Nail Problems

Caring For Dry Nails
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Artificial Nails

Artificial Nails
About Artificial Nails
They do have their place, but only wear for short periods, having artificial nails long term damage your natural nails
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Artificial Nail Tips
Wearing artificial nail tips or glue ons are an easy way to dress your nails, they are also easy to apply
Artificial Nail Wraps
Nail Wraps
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Sculptured Nails
A beautiful realistic looking nail, but read warnings about wearing the custom molded nail for long periods
ress n Nails
Press On Nails
The easiest way to apply artificial nails yourself for instant pretty hands are Press On Nail kits. They are inexpensive and easy to remove

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