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Preteens Makeover, A Complete Transformation


The preteen stage of a girl’s life can be a very awkward stage. The hair is often in need of a suitable change for the upcoming teen years.

The makeup is also often introduced at this stage in a female’s life.

Teenage girls are going through many changes – both hormonal and physical.

The preteen makeover should consist of adjustments that compliment these unique changes.

One of the most appropriate hairstyles for this age group includes that of a layered medium length girl’s hairstyle. Here, you will learn the steps that are necessary for this particular hairstyle.

When conducting a preteen makeup, it is important to introduce the girl to makeup. She should be taught that “less is better” and that “better is more dramatic”.

Natural tones and tones that compliment the skin and hair color of the girl should be used. If mascara is used, it is often best to go with clear mascara.

However, many select natural products that condition and moisturize the eyelashes for teens, try mascara that stimulates eyelashes and adds attention to the eyes. Eyeliner can be used in the preteen makeover, but it too should compliment the natural hair color and skin color.

Preteens Makeover

In order to achieve the layered medium length girl’s hairstyle, simply follow the directions listed below:

preteens-bob-makeover-afterstyle stepsFirst, the hair should be cut. The back of the hair should be slightly trimmed in order to eliminate any split ends that may be present. Then, the sides of the hair at the front near the face should be cut short and angled down longer as it nears the back of the head.

style stepsNext, the hair should be parted evenly to the right. It is important to keep the part even from the front of the head to the back of the head.

style steps You should then apply a small amount of smoothing shine to the hair in order to bring out that natural, youthful “glimmer” in the preteen.

style stepsYou may now bring out the hair dryer and the brush and dry the hair thoroughly while brushing it straight down.

style stepsWhile the hair is still wet, but nearly dry, it is important to take the brush and flip the hair under while drying it. You should use a spray in mousse or spritz while flipping the hair under to ensure that the style holds appropriately.

style stepsOn the right side, where the part is, you will want to allow the bangs to cascade just over the face, near the eyes.

This will ensure that the style optimizes the appearance of the face and the different facial features, such as the mouth and the nose of the preteen.

style stepsOnce all of these steps have been achieved, it is important to spray hairspray all over the hair. Once you have done this, you may elect to place some leave-in conditioner in the hair in order to ensure that it is kept soft and beautiful.

Many parents may allow their preteen to add some basic color to their hair. If this is the case, highlighting is an excellent choice. It can be done in streaks all around the sides of the hair, as well as the bangs. This makes an excellent addition to bringing out the style of the hair in general!


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