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press on nails


Press on nails are made from pieces of preformed plastic, and utilize either an adhesive backing or a brush-on glue to attach the product to the nail plate.

Press-ons have established a fairly good track record for safety: Compared to other types of artificial nails, they rarely cause allergic reactions or give rise to infections.

The most common complaints about press-ons are that they tend to lose their grip after a few days of use, and they don’t look as realistic or natural as, say, sculptured nails or nail wraps. They also sometimes pop off unexpectedly.

Yet despite these shortcomings, a set of good quality press-on nails should serve quite nicely for the kind of limited, short-term usage we favor.

They’re inexpensive, easy-to-use, and available at nearly every store that carries cosmetics or health and beauty care products.

Just be certain to select a color that doesn’t look unnaturally glossy, and do some careful trimming of the plastic if any of the artificial nails are the slightest bit too large for your nail plates. This will not only help them adhere better, but also make them less likely to chafe and irritate your nail folds and cuticles.



Sculptured Nails

sculptured nails sampleA beautiful realistic looking nail, but read these warnings about wearing the sculptured or custom molded nail for long periods.
Sculptured Nails


Press On Nails

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