Premature Aging Skin

Premature aging skin can have you looking and feeling older than your years. Let's face it, when we are young, we don't usually consider premature aging skin and what our actions can do to the state of our skin. 

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Premature Aging Skin

As we grow older and we reach our late twenties and thirties, premature aging becomes more realistic and many of us start to look for ways to guard our skin from this.

There are a number of causes of premature aging and knowing what each one is can help you to avoid it and thus keep your skin looking healthier and younger for longer.

Overexposure To Sunlight

This is one of the most well-known causes of premature aging skin as most of us know the effects that the sun can have from an early age. The UV rays from the sun, work to create fine lines on our skin by damaging the fibers contained in the skin's collagen.

When this happens the skin loses its elasticity and thus makes us look older. An overexposure to sunlight also causes skin to dry out and become rough. Although this takes a repeated overexposure to happen it is one of the main causes of premature aging. 

Exposure To Toxins And Nutrient Deficiencies

The main toxin that we are exposed to on a daily basis is cigarette smoke but other toxins include air pollution, chlorine, mercury, lead, bromine and asbestos. Although most of these toxins are exposed to you in small amounts, if you have any nutrient deficiencies in your body, the two can combine and lead to premature aging.

If your skin is lacking in any essential nutrients (especially vitamins D and E) your skin can begin to wrinkle, crack and sag and you will notice it becoming dry. This can be repaired with the use of antioxidants but experiencing any of the above signs is a good way to realize your skin is prematurely aging. 

Acne Creams

Studies have shown that there are a few specific acne creams that lead to your skin prematurely aging. It doesn't seem fair does it? After trying to prevent your skin from one illness you make it worse in the long run. Many leading acne creams use a product which is known as Benzoyl Peroxide.

This ingredient has a drying effect on the skin which is perfect for an acne sufferer with oily skin. It initially works by drying out the skin and thus prevents acne from forming, however persistent use leads to the skin drying out more than it should and thus leading to premature aging. 

Premature Aging Skin Solutions

You may have already started to notice the fine lines and wrinkles which are a tell tale sign of premature aging skin. Do not fear as there are things that you can do to prevent this problem from getting any worse.

There are numerous creams on the market that contain the ingredient Vitamin E which works as an anti-oxidant and stabilizes the free radicals in your skin.

Products that contain mineral oils should be avoided and these are usually found in the cheap premature aging creams. Although they may seem like they are helping you initially they can in the long term be harmful to your skin.

The best premature aging creams use vitamin E and natural ingredients – the best solution for guarding your skin from premature aging. 

Are Wrinkle Creams Confusing?

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