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Popular Teen Girl Haircuts For A Bob Hairstyle Makeover


There are a number of popular teen girl haircuts that are considered to be trendy and cutting-edge among this particular age group.

This is especially true if the teenager has short to medium length hair.

While many in this age group feel that they lack the creativity to be a trend setter when it comes to popular styles, there are a number of others that have discovered intriguing hairstyles. These hairstyles can go from boring to layered bob sparked with a hint of personality in no time flat.

Here, you will be introduced to a hairstyle that has proven to be an effective means of making statements among teen girls lately, the layered medium length bob.

The layered bob haircut is a type of cut that is extremely versatile. It can make flat, thin, medium to short hair gain volume and appeal with little to no effort.

No more “blah” when it comes to the bob. Now, you can add a glimpse of maturity and style to this normal everyday cut. Layered cuts offer the possibility of developing various geometric shapes and designs.

Here, I will outline the steps that are necessary to take your style a cut above the rest!

style steps You will want to first go to your local salon and inform them that you want your hair layered. By taking this step, you are opening up numerous possibilities in the area of style.

style steps Once you get a layered cut on your “blah bob”, it is now time to go home and play around with your new style a little bit.

The first step that you will want to take is to shampoo and condition the hair. Once you have completed this step, you will want to take a small dab of conditioner and rub it in your hands.

You should then rub the conditioner through your hair thoroughly. This helps to add body and moisture to hair while you are styling it.

style steps Once you have added the conditioner to your hair, it is important to add a sculpting gel or a mousse in the hair. This will help to ensure that the style stays in place over a long period of time.

style steps You should now get a hair dryer and blow the hair dry. Before drying the hair, it is important to part the hair to the right hand side.


teens chin length layered bob after makeoverOnce you have done this, blow dry the hair from the back to the front of the face. The layers will settle in nicely when the hair is dried in this fashion. Once the sides settle, you should spray the hair with hairspray.

Many teens wish to add a dramatic effect to the beautiful layered bob style. This can easily be achieved by implementing some color streaks.

Naturally, the parents must agree to this – but if they are under an agreement with this, many different types of highlighting and streaking can be achieved be the use of hair color. Also, many who have a layered bob hairstyle integrate the use of pins and berets in order to optimize the style that is being created.

If you want to go from blah to beautiful with your bob hairstyle, it can be easily accomplished by following the instructions listed in this article. You will be simply amazed at the difference that just a few changes can make to your hair.



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