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Popular Hairstyles such as this chic short do are all the rage, and for a very good reason. Your locks are snipped in a way that allow you to radiate confidence and practically shriek vavoom without you having to say a word!

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It is styles such as this one that show you that short hair does not have to be dull or boring. So many woman are tired of trying to deal with long locks but are stuck on the idea that shorn locks are for older ladies or people with no imagination.

If you fall into this group, think again, popular styles featuring snipped tresses are becoming very trendy.

Wearing Today's Popular Hairstyles

Now that we have determined that these styles can offer interest even when cut short, you may be wondering who can wear a look like this? The answer thankfully is almost anyone!

Yes, popular styles like this one are a touch daring, but they are easily incorporated into practically any lifestyle.

Believe it or not a trendy look like this is just as adaptable for the office as it is for fun after dark, it is all in how you style your tresses.

Well known women such as Kate Gosselin and Victoria Beckham have embraced popular styles like this one and done what every woman should do and have adjusted the cut to suit their own lifestyle and style preferences.

A Style For ALl Ages

These trendy hairstyles like this are not limited to certain age groups either. This style can be jazzed up for those seeking a super trendy style or tamed down for someone in search of something slightly more sophisticated.

The best thing to do when you want to have your hair clipped into a short, popular hairstyle is to take a picture in to your beautician. This saves any confusion when you try to explain what sort of style that you are looking for.

Your stylist is trained to work with you and can aid you in being sure that a certain style is suitable for your hair type and condition. Generally though, you will find that most hairstyles like this one can be modified to suit your hair type.

Basically however, if this short, popular hairstyle is the look you are after, you will need your hair cropped in the back, and on the sides quite short. The top of this popular hairstyle features layers that are both long and medium in length.

Womens Popular Hairstyle

Featured Style

  • Wash your hair and use a comb or your fingers to place your locks where you want them
  • Apply a palm full of styling mousse throughout damp hair
  • Blow dry using your fingers and a round brush With your fingertips, work a small amount of styling cream through your bangs and the top of your hair
  • Shape your locks in the way you want to wear them with your fingers and or a brush, pull your bangs to the side
  • Mist with spray for lasting hold

Highlights For Drama

The highlighting element that makes this hairstyle chic and unique are the long, side swept bangs. Even though this hairstyle does not contain a lot of length, you are still left with plenty of room to play and have fun if you desire.

For example, making use of bold color would implement a serious amount of flair into your hairstyle, which is perfect for a young woman on the move.

Styling products would allow an older woman to keep her tresses tame and toned to offer you an ideal daytime, office hairstyle.

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