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Poof Pouf Poofs

extreme poof updo hairstyleThe poof or {pouf} hairstyle has long been a favorite of super models who strut their stuff on runways, celebrities walking the red carpet, and compliments the latest fashions on the pages of Vogue.

Learning how to do a basic poof will give you new dimensions for styling a number of trendy looks for up to the minute fashion hairstyles.

Poofs actually carry trademarks of vintage hairstyles where hair was padded or forms were added to create height and or volume.

Today’s updated poof leans more on teasing or backcombing to manipulate the style. Here you will see how to create a poof with and without backcombing.

extreme poof updo hairstyleThe styling fun really begins once you have mastered the back combing and basic poof.

The poof hairstyle gallery below will give you loads of styling ideas for faux hawk poofs, poofs in updos, and funky poofs.

A poof does not have to be a front poof hairstyle with placement at the front bangs, see these styles where the poof is created mid crown for sexy Brigitte Bardot hairstyles perfect for parties.

Poofs do not always have to be pin down and secured, see style where the poof is blended into the hairstyle for some stunning effects.


Control This Hairstyle gallery by using the buttons jut below. Forward, reverse, or stop pictures and open a movable preview pane. Or if you prefer the pictures will proceed automatically.

The poof Hairstyles

Gallery features pictures of poofs in short, medium, and long hair, faux hawk poofs, updo poofs, half up poofs, loose poofs, funky poofs, poof ponytails, and sexy high crown poofs.

A poof can work for any hair type or length to create a high fashion hairstyle.



Poof Pouf Poofs

How To Do A Perfect Tease For Pouf Hairstyles

Styling Instructions

style stepsSection front of hair
style steps Starting at hairline take a section of hair about one-and-a-half inches deep and hold lightly in one hand passing your styling comb using the wide-tooth end through the hair section towards your scalp repeating 10 to 12 times using approximately 3 to 5 inch passes.
style stepsTake your next section directly behind the first and hold these two sections together. Tease and repeat until you have teased four to six inches of hair.
style stepsFor lasting hold spray each backcombed section lightly with hairspray and allow to dry before smoothing. This method will pack the hair in at the scalp, your poof will last longer

Poof Pouf Poofs
Style A Poof Without Backcombing

style stepsBrush through hair to remove any knots or tangles
style stepsBrush bangs forward and down in front
style stepsSection off center part where you are going to have hair poof up
style stepsComb the two sides
style stepsPull the center front section up
style stepsTwist the ends about 1/3 of the length of your hair
style stepsTuck the twisted end under the poof as you would when styling a bun and give it a push
style stepsTake rat tail comb and go into the poof gently pulling up to create height.
style stepsSecuring your poof by pinning downward with the ends of he bobby pins pointing towards nape of your ne

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