Plus Size Models

Plus size models are now in demand and are referred to as a specialty modeling division. During the sixties, the waif look revolutionized the modeling industry. Twiggy was the rave and models were gaunt and extremely thin. Though many of today's models strive to remain between a size 2 and 6, there is an entire section of models that are big and beautiful. 

Plus Size Model

Some of the top modeling agencies now have sections devoted towards plus size. However you might find that the best way to break into modeling is to sign with an agency that specializes solely in plus size modeling.

The average size for American women is a 14, which is considered plus size. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that there is a growing market for models with curves.

Sizes for plus models tend to run between a 10 and 16, however depending upon the modeling job, models of all sizes might be used. Since women respond to other women who look like them, most American women feel that they have more in common with plus size women than they do with traditional models.  It’s important to realize that just because a model is plus size does not mean that she is unhealthy. 

Plus Size Models Are Proportional

Full figure models might be larger than traditional models, but they are lean, toned, and have a good proportion between their bust, waist, and hips. Though, they have larger hips, busts, and abdomens than traditional models they are still healthy and present an image of health.  There are magazines that are exclusively geared towards full figure women, as well as stores that appeal to this audience as well.

Due to this niche, there is always a demand for plus size models. Models with curves also wear the same types of garments that traditional sized models wear including active wear, evening wear, lingerie, and bathing suits.For anyone considering a modeling career, the rewards are well worth it. 

Full figure models make just as much money as traditional sized models, and for those who become extremely successful, the salary is well worth it. Plus sized modeling has evolved over the past decade and has enabled many women who otherwise would have believed that they had limited chances for a modeling career to find success. 

Since most women who are plus size have felt that their weight was a struggle or a life long battle, being able to model in the plus size category is an incredible boost to self esteem.

Not only is this an affirming career choice, but plus size modeling has helped open the eyes of many people to encompass a wider standard of beauty.

The fashion industry has a history of singling out cookie cutter figures that are slim and tiny and the pressure to be extremely thin is great. Plus size women help the world realize that beauty can come in many shapes and sizes and that you don't have to be a size 0 to be considered beautiful.

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