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Plus Size Figures

Plus Size Makeover Before And After Picture

Teen Makeover for Plus Size Figures

Plus size figures can take advantage of today's plethora of hair and makeup options, any teenage girl can look absolutely gorgeous no matter what her silhouette is. The right hairstyle can take pounds off of a girl's appearance whilst the perfect makeup can achieve a beautiful, slimming effect that completes a plus-size teen's makeover. In order to look their best, teenage girls need to know just a few basics on what a flattering hairstyle is all about, whilst the proper makeup techniques work for their benefit, enhancing their natural beauty and concealing what they would rather hide.

Ideal Hairstyle Choices for A Plus Size Figure

When it comes to a teen makeover for plus size figures, one must realize how much an adequate hairstyle can achieve for one's appearance, therefore any teenage girl should be careful not to embrace the wrong hairstyle as an inappropriate hairdo that doesn't complement one's face shape can enhance exactly what needs to be slimmed up: the roundness of the face.

  • Focus on Longer Hair Lengths - Short cuts add width to an already rounder face, this is why longer cuts that fall just around or beneath the shoulder are perfect for creating the illusion of a slimmer face.
  • Go for a Side Parting - Hairstyles with side parts look amazing on full shaped faces because the diagonal effect breaks up the roundness of the face and enhances one's cheekbones.
  • Layered Haircuts - Girls can benefit tremendously from a layered hairdo since it adds volume and structure to the hair, and also accentuates the shoulder area. The layers need to be longer than the chin length to provide a nice frame for the face and minimize the double chin, if any.
  • Color Me Beautiful - Color can provide a highly attractive contrast and can help teenage girls accentuate the color of their eyes and complexion. There's no need for radical changes in hair color, especially during teen years, but a couple of lighter or darker shades can do wonders for one's self esteem.

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Makeup Tips for Plus Size Figures

  • Avoid Heavy Makeup - First of all, women of all ages should refrain themselves from applying exaggerated makeup. A proper makeover has to do with using the right makeup techniques, and not with the application of flashy colors. A bit of color is exactly what teenage girls need to look impeccable and fresh, including plus-size girls. Any kinds of makeup that looks unflattering on any girl will look even worse on a plus-size figure therefore keep in mind to avoid opting for heavy makeup.
  • Matte Foundation and Bronzer - Plus-size teenage girls need to go for matte foundations rather than highly illuminating ones since light is much more reflected on fuller shapes and will enhance the roundness of the face. A bit of bronzer is an excellent idea for it gives a nice slimming effect and can hide the flaws, providing the much needed definition on the rounder areas. It can sculpt the cheekbones, conceal the double chin and provide a slimmer appearance to a rounder nose.
  • Great Shaped Eyebrows - When subjecting yourself to a makeover, you need not to overlook the importance of the eyebrows so make sure you take your time to sculpt them into a nice, sharper-edged shape to create a pleasant slimming effect. Also, do not make them overly skinny as super thin eyebrows can give the illusion of a fuller face.
  • Fruity Lips - Darker colored lipstick is a great way for drawing attention away from the roundness of the face, but since this article focuses on teenage girls, a sparkling, fruity colored gloss will provide enough color without looking inappropriate.

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Updated December 1, 2011

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