Plant Instead Of Flowers

Expert Answers To Questions About Mother's Day


Q. Instead of buying my mother flowers for Mother’s Day, I thought I’d get her a plant. What would you recommend that’s pretty but easy to care for?

A. What a great idea! This way, every time your mother goes out to her garden, she’ll see your gift and think of you. If you’re looking for a plant that needs absolutely zero maintenance beyond cutting back any dead flowering stems once a year, you can’t beat daylilies.

Stella d’Oro is a popular variety, but its brassy orange is a difficult color to work into the garden. Try Happy Returns instead: It’s a small, sunny yellow daylily that blooms right up until frost. Or choose cheerful, friendly shasta daisies -- the pure white blooms keep going for months.

Purple coneflower (Echinacea purpurea) is another reliable, long-blooming perennial daisy that’ll keep flowering until frost. Newer, warm-colored coneflower hybrids aren’t generally as rugged as their purple parent, but their hues are gorgeous.

Snipping off the faded flowers of both kinds of daisies encourages them to keep putting out fresh buds, so Mom can enjoy them for months to come.

Plant instead Of Flowers by Sally Roth
Expert Sally Roth is the co-author of Gardening All-In-One for Dummies (For Dummies 2003).




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