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Planning A Dream Bathroom

When it comes to designing and planning a dream bathroom, the planning is the most important factor to take into consideration.

Plan Carefully

Fixtures, color choices, lighting, and luxury essentials must be carefully planned out.

The more time that you spend in the planning stage will ensure that your finished bathroom is everything that you always wanted.

The most important areas to consider in your plan include your overall budget, the amount of labor it will take to complete the bath, and what materials will be needed.

Another important factor to take into consideration is how easy it will be to upkeep your dream bath when it is complete.

Choosing fixtures and items that are low maintenance will save time and energy in the long run. Always choose materials that are easy to care for, sturdy, and durable.

Since your dream bath will last for many years, consider choosing materials and fixtures that come with warranties. This is an important part of planning and will prevent problems from arising in the future.

It's not enough to just look for the most economical materials if they aren't protected by a guarantee or warranty.

Your budget is an important aspect of your plan, but by choosing materials covered by warranties you can maximize the most benefits from your investment.

Ideas for your layout and design are the most essential steps to your plan.

dream bath designWithout a clear idea of what you'd like to do, you won't be able to execute an effectual plan that results in the finished bath that you want.

From fixtures, color choices, lighting, and luxury essentials every aspect must be considered and carefully planned out.

The best way to find luxury bathroom ideas is to browse through magazines, books, and even visit your local home stores.

Gather samples, color swatches, and cut out pictures or print out ideas from a computer and save everything in an easily accessible place.

All of these elements will come together and help you create the bathroom of your dreams. Once you have a visual idea of what you’d like your bathroom to include you should transfer these ideas to graph paper.

Putting your plan on graph paper to scale is the best way to ensure that your plan will work.

Add elements to your plan such as where main fixtures will be placed, where electrical outlets are located, and where the main water source and pipes are. Immovable structures and fixtures should be included in the layout as well.

One of the main points to consider in planning a dream bathroom is what will be the first item noticed upon entering the bathroom. If it is the toilet or bidet you might want to consider changing the design so that these items are hidden from view.

Lighting is an important factor to add to your plan and is usually achieved through windows, artificial lighting, and candles.

Consider choosing light fixtures that allows you to dim the settings, this will create a wonderful environment for relaxation and tranquility. Planning your dream bath is the most important aspect of ensuring that your finished bath will be everything that you envisioned it to be.

By carefully considering every aspect, you can rest assured your luxury bath will reward you with many years of enjoyment.
Enjoy planning a dream bathroom

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Updated March 15, 2012

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