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Jamie Lee Curtis Flattering Pixie Hairstyle

Jamie Lee Curtis wears a classic pixie flattering hairstyle with a modern flair that is ideal for mature women.

With a short pixie hairstyle like Jamie Lee Curtis’s, you have the advantage of a low maintenance, easy to care for look that also offers up the benefits of style while being the ultimate in chic.

Flattering Hairstyles

A pixie flattering hairstyle like Jamie Lee’s is perfect for all hair types and textures as it can be adapted with ease to meet your hair needs.

This cut contains snipped angles throughout the back and sides which provide the tousled look that makes this cut so much fun. There is also some razoring in Jamie Lee’s pixie hairstyle to offer both body and movement. With something as simple as trims on a regular basis, you can achieve and sustain a pixie hairstyle like Jamie Lee Curtis's.

The fact that Jamie Lee chooses to sport her natural hair color actually adds an abundance of depth and definition to her pixie flattering hairstyle. A large number of mature women are opting not to color their hair these days which makes this look even more easy to take care of.
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style steps hairstyles for older women

Wash your hair with products that are made for your hair type and condition

Use your fingertips to work a dollop of mousse throughout damp hair

Blow your hair dry using your fingers to tousle. Focus on lifting gently at the roots for some volume that will last all day

Apply a small amount of styling gel to your fingers and pull your hands through your hair, lift at the roots and direct your bangs slightly to the side, work your hair in the direction you want to go.

This is a great place to play around as you can go as messy or uniform as you want


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Pixie Flattering Hairstyles September 22, 2009

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