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Pinup Girls

Pinup Girls

Pinup Girls. There is quite possibly nothing as classic and glamorous even by today's standards.

Retro Beauty

These playful girls defined beauty in the forties, and are still the epitome of femininity, inspiring style mavens like Megan Fox, Christina Aguilera, and Dita von Teese.

The influence of this iconic style is flashed every time you give your eyeliner a little wing at the outer corner or paint on a bold red lip.

But there is more to harnessing the essence of pin-up than polka dots and perfectly coiffed victory rolls – it’s a state of mind.

A retro beauty is self-confident and sexy without showing too much. She knows all about the art of the flirt and the tease but is careful about who actually gets to witness the reveal.

And yes, she can shake her pin curls and bat her false lashes in a way that still enchants those around her.

Iconic Pinup Girls

The iconic pin-up girls weren’t pigeon holed into any particular size or look – these girls embraced their curves and weren’t afraid to show off their own unique appeal.

It’s also a look that suits women of all ages, colors, shapes, and styles – yes, even the red lipstick. There is something so girly and lovely about this styling that you absolutely cannot go wrong with.

So read on to learn how to paint on the perfect cat eye, or the dreamiest half-moon manicure.

Learn how to style your hair into sky-high victory rolls, then don your vintage finery and highest heels (or retro wedges) and work your very own glamorous pin-up look!

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Pinup Girls
Author Tanna Mayer
Published November 8, 2012

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