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Pinup Girl Manicures

Pinup Girl Red Nails

Pinup girl manicures perfectly complement your pinup look from a vintage dress to victory rolls, you’ve gotta be committed, right down to your beautifully manicured nails!

Compliment Your Pinup Look

Little details sometimes have the greatest impact, and carrying the retro right on down to your fingertips will ensure that you leave ‘em panting.

Dita Von Teese Classic Glamour

Dita Von Teese Perfect Red Manicure

Classic glamour is carried out right down to the shape of your nail.

If you take a look at the hands of modern day throwback Dita Von Teese, her fingernails are filed into slightly pointed ovals, and that is the traditional form of pinup girl manicures.

To make the look your own, be sure to file – not clip, it weakens the nails – your nail on the outer corners rather than along the top.

Use your file in one direction only each side, as seesawing can cause the nails to soften and peel.

Classic Red Lips And Nails

Classic Red Polish

A girl can never go wrong with red for pinup girl manicures, whether it’s a vampier blood red or a classic cherry shade.

And a crème finish is the most traditional choice. NARS Jungle Red is a great creamy red that even shares a name with a polish worn by the catty ladies in the classic film “The Women.”

Other colors that easily go retro are navy, fuschia, and even black.

Close Up Red Lips Black Nails

Show Your Style

Do you rock a great set of pinup girl nails? Show off your polish style or half moon manicure on this page.

Tell us how you do it and what you use and include some pics!

Ruby Red Nails Anyone?

The Half Moon Manicure

Perhaps the most retrolicious nail choice of all, however, is also the one that’ll get you the most attention – the half-moon manicure, which is very much like the reverse of a French manicure.

This look is achieved by painting a half circle shape at the base of the nail bed in a contrasting color, like a creamy pink shade for a black nail, or a silver with a ruby red nail.

Half Moon Manicure Dita Von Teese

If you’re a manicuring savant, go ahead and paint the base color from the nail bed to about halfway up the nail, then go back over with your all over nail color. Finish with an incredibly glossy clear coat for ultra shine.

Those of us with less than surgically steady hands may need to use a guide as some sort, and while basic scotch tape will work, those little hole punch reinforcement stickers from the office supply or drugstore will give you the perfect half-moon arch.

Heres How To Do A Half Moon Manicure

Start with a basic base coat, and then apply the color you’d like your half-moon to be, then follow with a quick dry coat.

While you’re waiting for the color to dry, press and remove a reinforcement sticker against the back of your hand to take off some of the initial stickiness, and then apply in to the base of your nail and paint your main color over the curve of the sticker for a clean and sharp edge.

Allow the color a few moments to dry, then lose the stickers and finish with top coat. Voila!

No matter which pinup manicure you choose, be sure to have those toes pretty and polished as well – the saying goes “head to toe” for a reason, after all.

Dita Von Teese Classic Red White Half Moon Manicure

While classic red is always sexy, try something different like borrowing the crescent color for your pedicure rather than matching nails to toes.

Have fun with it. Don’t forget that the single most pivotal accessory for a pinup girl is self-confidence, so work it!

Enjoy, Trying Pinup Girl Manicures

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Pinup Girl Manicures
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