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Physical Menopause Symptoms

Physical Menopause Symptoms

Symptoms That You Can Control

As you journey through the three stages of menopause you will experience both physical changes and emotional changes.

You need to understand the symptoms you may battle as these changes take place to put you in control of some of these rather unpleasant symptoms instead of the other way around.

We have much recourse available to us as a young girl to ready us for menstruating. Later for pregnancy, and then again childbirth.

But when it comes to menopause we do not receive too much health education to prepare us for the wide range of symptoms we may face.

Many women have been unable to trace the source of medical problems, not realizing the symptoms are related to menopause.

At 45 my aunt suffered a severe bout of urticaria that lasted almost a year. She went the complete route of allergy testing, prescribed steroids, and even an EpiPen.

Countless trips to her family doctor and emergency room visits. At no time did anyone ask my aunt if shw was going through menopause, and it was not until doing research for these articles did I find that these hives can be menopause related.

Looking back know, perhaps the physical symptoms could not have been handled differently, but the emotional toll it caused not knowing the root of it would have eased anxiety and frustration on not knowing what was going on.

Was my aunt allergic to a product? Was she allergic to a food or something in her home environment?

If I learned anything from my aunt's stressful year, it was that our bodies are reinventing themselves as our childbearing year's end.

Menopause Lifestyle

Chemicals And Hormones

Chemical and hormone balances are out of whack causing well over 34 symptoms of menopause.

  • Bodily changes, including vaginal dryness and decreased libido that can convince one that she has lost her allure as a sex object
  • Gradual changes in one's physical appearance: hair may lose some of its luster and skin may become drier and appear duller
  • Dry mouth, irritated gums and possible tooth decay, due to decreased saliva production because of-you guessed it-hormonal changes.

The goal in this guide to menopause is for you to learn as much as you can about your new body and what is taking place.

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Physical Menopause Symptoms
Author Tanna Mayer
Updated January 7, 2013

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