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Pete Wentz

pete wentz fall out boy emo hairstyle

In the day, Pete Wentz could easily have been the poster boy for emo hairstyles.

heres how to get that look.

At that time we noticed a popular trend of smudgy eyed boys and girls with skin-tight jeans, spiky dyed black hair, and hoodie sweatshirts galore.

While a bit akin to the goth look of yesteryear, the emo or “emotional” look was carving out it’s own little spot in the history of subcultural fashion.


And at the top of that scene, Pete Wentz had become one of the hottest rockstar heartthrobs, with a unique style that may inspire you to find your own inner emo kid.


Wentz was the bassist, backup vocalist, and main lyricist for frontrunners in the emo scene, Fall Out Boy. He parlayed his musical ability into his own record label, and had additionally began writing books.


And being linked with celeb hotties like Ashlee Simpson certainly did not hurt his appeal much either – with boys and girls alike!

Hairstyle Update

Ok, we all grow older and change our look and style, Pete Wentz included.

His trademark Emo hair may be shorter and neater, but he keeps his huge wordrobe of hats, caps, and toques and that warm easy smile and friendly nature remain the same.


Style Inspiration

Wanna Try That Emo Look?

Here’s how to style your own version of Pete’s emo crown of spikes.

The Cut

Start out with a great, asymmetrical cut. Have a stylist razor cut hair into numerous, choppy layers, especially leaving short bits at the crown for spiking.


Leave a bit more length in the front, and have side swept, jagged bangs cut across the forehead. The back can be cut close to the neck, or left a bit longer, lending a bit of fashion mullet to the look.


If you’re not blessed with pencil straight hair naturally, start sleeking your locks in the shower by using a smoothing, straightening shampoo and conditioner.

When hair is still damp, work a dollop of straightening balm through hair.

This will keep hair sleek and smooth, and add a layer of protection before heat styling.

Blow dry, pulling strands straight down and out with your fingers.

Blow dry bangs over the side to add direction. Once hair has been blown dry, get ready for the fun part!



Add even more protection with a flat iron spray to keep hair from burning, then find yourself a flat iron that’s about an inch to an inch and a half wide.

Starting at the top or in the front, run the iron from roots to tips of hair, pulling the shorter spikes up.

Once hair is pin straight and starting to spike up (thanks to that sharp cut), add a bit of a medium hold wax or spray wax to give hair an extra boost of shine, and add definition to each spike.

A few spritzes of a high hold hair spray will finish off the look. Now all you’ll need is a pair of super skinny jeans, a hooded sweatshirt full of pins, and our tips for emo boy eyeliner and you’ll be ready to go!

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Updated November 26, 2012

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