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Pet Dog Costumes And A Couple Of Cats

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Choosing to costume your pet dog can be fun for your whole family.

Take some time to talk it over with your kids and see what they would love your dog to be dressed as.

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One of the best ways to have some fun with your dog and to make sure that he gets lots of attention on Halloween is to dress him up, and you'll find that when you want to dress him up, you are going to have some terrific options in front of you.

When you are considering dressing your dog up and letting him have some fun, first think about his personality.

Is he a real hero dog who loves to ham it up and would never let anything happen to your family?

You may want to consider the Batman costume for him, or the superman costume. Maybe she's a lot more sweet and friendly and is always wants to learn and to please; if so think about getting her the school girl puppy costume. This is a lovely way to get your dog in the act when you are heading out trick or treating.

pet dog batman costumeIf you are looking to purchase a costume for your dog, buying the costume well in advance will give your dog a chance to get used to it.

Unless your dog is used to the confinement and the slight kind of constraint that comes along with these types of costumes, you'll find that he or she might be a little bit uneasy wearing them.

When you get the costume early, you'll be able to stop and to make sure that your dog is feels comfortable and won't try to bite the costume off while you're wandering in the dark collecting candy!

Just like with human costumes, dog costumes are all about the details. If, for instance, you've got the school puppy uniform, you can add a sweet and sassy touch by painting your pup's nails a bright cotton candy pink or daring red.

In either case, there is going to be plenty of options for you in this regard. Even big boy dogs can get some fun out of having their nails painted; for a dog dressed at Superman can have blue, red and yellow on his nails, for example.


Chances are, your dog will pick up on the excitement and really find that you can get lots of different things to think about when the time comes. Let your dog in on the fun of Halloween and really think about a way to include him in the action; just make sure that he does not get into the chocolate treats!

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