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Permed Hairstyles

Many women think of permed hairstyles and shudder. They are probably remembering the perms of long ago that often left your hair dry, frizzy and had you resembling a poodle.

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Today's Perm

Permed hair is are longer boring, out of control and or for just mature women. These days, perms are sported by ladies of all ages and with a range of hair types, lengths and textures. Permed styles are a good alternative for females who have straight hair, but love a curly look.

image makeovers beauty and the bathThis is a way for these ladies to save themselves the hassle of having to curl their hair all of the time.

However, some women who have wavy or curly locks also opt to try a perm as this offers them a measure of extra control over their kinked locks.

When you have a perm you are basically privy to a hairstyle that is ready to go whenever you are.

This permed hairstyle features layers of varying lengths which bring out the abundance of curl for a sexy, controlled chaos.

This is an artfully, messy look that is casual and carefree while still maintaining an element of seductive sass. When you want a permed hairstyle you have options of different types of curls. This style features corkscrew curls that are fantastically playful and incredibly alluring.

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  • Wash your hair with products created for permed hair
  • Towel dry gently and then apply a palmful of styling mousse through damp hair with your fingers
  • Use your fingers while blow-drying your hair on a medium setting, making sure that you attach a diffuser to prevent frizz. You can also apply a dime size amount of anti frizz serum before or after drying to keep frizz at bay
  • While drying, lift through the crown and roots to offer the volume that makes this style sexy
  • Once you hair is dry, you can mist with a light hold hairspray to keep your curls in place

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Updated February 27, 2012

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