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Permanent Weight Loss

The Key to Keeping Excess Weight Off – Successfully & Permanently!

What is the secret to a successful and permanent weight loss? Weight loss does not happen overnight. Just like any other project, a great deal of planning and then execution of the plan is required for a permanent weight loss. A key factor that influences weight (gain/loss) is calories.

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Your Weight Loss Advantage

The advantage you have is that you have complete control over this factor! You just need to strike the right balance between what comes in and what goes out. In fitness terms, balance out the calories that you consume and burn out.

A good diet program can without a doubt get you started off on your weight loss strategy and on your way to permanent weight loss, but bear in mind that dieting alone will not help you shed those extra pounds. Combining a diet program with a strict exercise regime and healthy food habits are just what you need to be successful in your weight loss strategy.

More often than not, people embark on a weight loss strategy when they are in a panic situation. At such times, they want to lose weight “yesterday” and they start thinking about short term weight loss strategies. This means starving, going on a crash diet etc.

Bear in mind that curbing hunger pangs and not eating can actually work the reverse way and prevent weight loss. When you do not eat, the defense mechanism of your body starts storing the existing energy instead of utilizing it to burn fat and there is a decline in the metabolism rate.

After this when you eat again, chances are that you will gain even more weight than you lost because your metabolism makes up for the lag induced by starvation.

Remember, “Health is wealth” and a pendulum swing in weight can only lead to health problems. Therefore, think of long term weight loss strategies as they are more sustainable and healthy.

Enjoy Weight Loss Permanently

Follow these simple techniques to balance out your calories:

Diet – Influences your calorie intake
• Do not fall for the crash diet trap.
• Eat well balanced meals – keep a track of your calorie intake.
• Increase the frequency of meals – instead of breakfast-lunch-dinner, space them out and have 5-6 meals in a day.

Exercise – Influences your calorie burn out
• Be prepared to go the extra mile - Exercise daily.
• If you are not enrolled with a gym, try simple forms of exercise like walking around your yard, or jogging around your own block.
• If you need motivation to start exercising – form a fitness group. Ask your spouse/children/friends to join you.
• Scale up your exercise regime gradually.

Go ahead, plan out a weight loss strategy and execute it successfully with the right blend of diet and exercise. This will make it possible for you to lose weight successfully and permanently!
Enjoy permanent weight loss!

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