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Cosmetic Tattooing

Individuals with alopecia sometimes loose parts of their hair permanently. This includes experiencing bald spots on the head, but also anywhere on the body where there is hair such as a person's eyebrows.

This leaves people seeking cosmetic solutions like permanent makeup for alopecia.

Alopecia Areata Universalis is a very common hair loss disease, second only to clinical pattern baldness. The emotional impact of even temporary hair loss can be devastating. The longer a person experiences alopecia, the more likely it becomes that their hair will not grow back.

However, individual appearances can improve by having repigmentation via a cosmetic tattooing process. Cosmetic tattooing can be utilized effectively on men, women and children of all ethnic backgrounds, making it a viable option for people facing a life without hair.

Unlike surgical processes for hair implantation, there is very little risk involved with permanent makeup for alopecia. It takes a little while to design and apply the tattoo, and the coloration is a little darker on the first few days until the skin heals, but afterward the results can be astounding. Most people heal within five days of the treatment.

Micorpigmentation Is Permanent Makeup For Alopecia

This process, typically called micorpigmentation has been legalized in Massachusetts, along with most other states. The process has actually been used for decades to cover surgical scars, burns, and stretch marks. And while the word "tattoo” is used in conjunction with this procedure, it is a bit different than traditional tattoos. The needles, machine, and pigmentations are unique.

The American Academy of Micorpigmentation focuses on placing color into the dermis layer of the skin. When seeking out someone to help you with this type of cosmetic therapy it is a good idea to see if they are a member of this organization or if the practitioner has other forms of certification. Certain pigments may not be effective or safe, so you want an experienced professional.

The two pigments most often used are inorganic iron oxide and titanium dioxide, both of which have been used for decades without issue. It is possible, of course, to have an allergic reaction, so your re-pigmentation artist may do a test spot before doing a complete cosmetic tattoo. Members of the American Academy are required to do this with every new patient.

The Costs Of Permanent Makeup For Alopecia

You can expect to go in for three visits to complete the pigmentation. As of 2010 the cost for eyebrow treatments average $400. However, the finished look lasts for upward of 10 years when properly cared for (i.e. wearing SPF lotion when exposed to the sun to deter fading). Make sure to set up an appointment for a consultation, review pictures of previous work, and check all references before you proceed.

There is certainly the chance that a person's eyebrows may grow back after getting permanent makeup for alopecia. That is why the practitioner puts the tattoo where eyebrows would naturally grow. Should hair grow, it will simply have a background. And since it may grow sporadically or even fall out again, the Alopecia makeup background remains as a somewhat natural looking feature.
Permanent Makeup For Alopecia



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Permanent Makeup For Alopecia

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