Peripheral Vascular Disease And Effects On The Diabetic Foot

diabetic feetOne of the most common foot problems that people with diabetes have to deal with is poor circulation.

Many people with diabetes experience what is called peripheral vascular disease, and this problems leads to poor circulation in diabetic feet as well as the legs.

When you have vascular diseases as a result of diabetes, the blood vessels to your legs and feet actually narrow, and this decreases the amount of blood flow that is able to reach the extremities of your feet, resulting in poor circulation in diabetic feet.

Symptoms of Poor Circulation in Diabetic Feet

One of the first symptoms that may let you know that you are having poor circulation in diabetic feet is pain in your feet. Many people report that they experience cramping and foot pain when they first start having problems.

Not only can you experience pain, which will probably be reoccurring, but you may also experience swelling in the feet and ankles as well, and your feet may feel very tired and achy on a regular basis.

Another symptom that may be experienced with poor circulation in diabetic feet is that the feet feel very cold. Feet may also feel numb as well, either with the cold feeling or alone. In some cases, blood clots may develop as well, so it is important that you see your doctor if you develop any sever pain in your legs and feet.

Poor circulation in diabetic feet may also result in ulcers, cuts, and bruises that take a long time to heal.

Treating Poor Circulation In Diabetic Feet

If you do have poor circulation in your feet as a diabetic, it is important that you take this condition seriously and have it treated. To avoid blood clots, your doctor can put you on anticoagulant drugs that keep the blood from clotting.

Treating your sugar problem correctly is also important when you are treating poor circulation in diabetic feet. If blood vessels are significantly damaged and narrowed, angioplasty can be done to open up the vessels that provide blood to your feet. In some severe cases, a vascular surgeon may actually replace the vein with one from another part of your body, essentially doing a bypass.

There are also special stockings that can be worn that can help to improve the circulation to your legs and feet as well.

How You Can Prevent Poor Circulation In Diabetic Feet

It is of critical importance that you take every measure possible to prevent poor circulation to in diabetic feet. There are a variety of ways that you can prevent poor circulation in your feet, including walking on a regular basis, avoiding being stationary for long periods of time, avoiding smoking, and keeping your blood sugar under control.

Preventing this problem is much better than treating it, so do everything in your power to keep this problem from occurring in your feet.


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Peripheral Vascular Disease

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Peripheral Vascular Disease

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