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Perimenopause Symptoms

Perimnopause Symptoms

The First Signs Of Menopause

There Are Many Stages Of Menopause

Many women do not realize that there are many stages when it comes to menopause.

The first stage of menopause is actually referred to as pre menopause. Medical professionals often refer to this stage as “perimenopause”.

This condition can occur as many as approximately eight years before the actual onset of menopause.

This is the transitional stage in which the body of a woman will begin to adjust, physiologically, in order to prepare for the official onset of menopause.

Here, you will discover the many symptoms that may become present during this preparation cycle of perimenopause.

During the stage of perimenopause, the ovaries in the reproductive system of the female will begin to produce lesser quantities of the hormone estrogen.

As each year of perimenopause progress, the decrease of estrogen continues to accelerate.

Eventually, this will result in the ovaries inability to release eggs. This normal physiological response normally begins when the woman is in her thirties to forties.

Though rare earlier than forty, there are numerous documented cases of this. As a result of all the changes that are transpiring in the body, a woman will experience numerous symptoms during this time.

One of the first symptoms that are common to a female who is experiencing perimenopause is the erratic menstrual cycles. Irregular periods will begin to occur in the body as the estrogen levels decrease.

While many women ay welcome this change, the symptoms that are a direct result of this may prove to be extremely uncomfortable.

In addition to changes in the menstrual cycle, many women notice a change in their breasts. Normally, there is an increased sensitivity and tenderness in this area of the body.

In many cases, the tenderness is so heightened that it is described as painful.

Many women experience the symptom of hot flashes while experiencing the condition of pre menopause.

The reason for this common symptom has yet to be established, but many medical professionals feel as if it may be a result of a change in the circulation of the individual that experiences it.

When this symptom is experienced, the female may feel hot out of no where.

Additional characteristics of profuse sweating, redness in the face, and even a flushed appearance may accompany this symptom. Many times, this is referred to as the most complicated symptom.

Many woman experience a decrease in their libido. This basically means that the, otherwise normal, sex drive is hindered in one way or another.

This decrease in the sex drive may also accompany extreme fatigue and apathy. The individual may start to feel as if they are severely exhausted.

They may exhibit a general lack of interest in things, hobbies, and activities that they once enjoyed.

People who are around the individual that is experiencing pre menopause may actually notice that she has quick mood changes.

Changes in mood can be extremely troublesome for the female, as well as those around her. Your body is experiencing a lot of change and can use some help.

Menopause Lifestyle


Perimenopause symptoms may include complications with the bladder. Many women may notice that they leak urine. This is not often a symptom that will occur for no apparent reason.

Normally, it will happen when a woman coughs. It has also been noted in women who sneeze suddenly.

Many women who are experiencing perimenopause symptoms may also notice a change in the urgency that they experience when it comes to urinating.

These changes occur as a result of declining estrogen levels. Estrogen is a key player when it comes to the healthy maintenance of the bladder and even the urethra.

In addition to this, the muscles that surround the bladder may start to experience a significant weakness as a result of declining estrogen support.


Many women will notice a change in their sleeping habits during pre menopause.

While feeling extremely exhausted during this stage in life is common, difficulty in sleeping peacefully and feeling rested afterwards can be difficult.

Many women will toss and turn throughout the night. This may be due to the hot flashes that can be experienced, or even the inability to control the bladder as appropriate.

It may be a simple case of hormone fluctuations. Whatever the cause, it can be quite disheartening to the individual that experiences it.

As you have learned here, there are a number of perimenopause symptoms with pre menopause.

If you find that the symptoms and complications listed here sound familiar, you may consider making an appointment with your gynecologist.

They will be able to determine whether or not you are starting to experience pre menopause. If a positive conclusion is made, they will work closely with you to determine the best course of treatment.

Keep in mind, however, the treatment is specifically for soothing the symptoms of pre menopause, not stopping menopause.

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Perimenopause Symptoms
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