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You may find it surprising to know that the main skin worry that most people have typically concerns the size of their pores. Although not always attractive, the pores of skin do have important functions.

Pores work to create oil that guards your skin from different allergies as well as from various elements in the environment. If you did not have pores, the oils that arise from your sebaceous glands would be held below your skin.

This would leave your flesh coated with cysts that would unfortunately become infected. Having skin without pores is not possible, however even if it was- you would not want it to be!

The skin on your face creates around 40 to 50 ounces of sebum each and every year, a big amount of that can settle in your pores and create blocks that stay for anywhere up to ten years. This essentially means that your pores are like a garbage collector on your flesh and why it is so important to deep cleanse pores.

Perfect Pores

Everything that builds-up in your facial pores can cause the openings of them to expand and make them look even bigger than they are. and created enlarged pores.

If you take part in deep pore cleaning or even have a professional extract them; you will be able to have the sebum removed and prevent clogged and blocked pores.

This will let the enlarged openings of your pores go back to their typical size. However, ‘normal’ pore size or perfect pores does vary from person to person.

There are different things that decide what pore size you will have and unfortunately these reasons are often not controllable. Things such as genetics, climate and season, hormonal fluctuations, age, and sunlight all work towards determining the size your pores will be.

Also, the perimeter of your pores when clean and not block is decided by heredity. The size of your parent’s pores greatly influences what the size of your own skin pores will be.

It can appear as if your pores become larger in warm parts of the year than they do in the cooler weather. This is because Sebum becomes runnier in weather that is very hot and or humid.

Hormonal changes can also effect your pores. At times such as pregnancy or during puberty, you are bound to see a change in the appearance of your pores.

As you age, your pores loosen and will give the look of being bigger because of the loss of elasticity that accompanies growing older.

Always take pains to guard your flesh from the sun as your pores can also dilate due to UV Ray exposure

Pore Blackheads

If you have large pores blackheads or enlarged pores acne you should consider using Salicylic Acid Cleansers, Pore Strips, cleansing clay and mud masks that work to deeply cleanse your pores. A top cleanser for this is Joey New York Pure Pores Cleansing Gel with Vitamin C this is a highly effective cleanser containing a very special blend of glycolic, lactic and salicylic acids to thoroughly remove the excess impurities and residue, as it helps shrink your large pores. This gentle cleanser leaves skin feeling fresh, clean and hydrates. Plus it is fragrance-free and non-drying.

If you have particles deep inside of your pores, you may wish to visit a trained professional to extract the material from inside of your pores or spa treatments for enlarged pores.

Pore Whiteheads

When pores whiteheads are a problem however, you should use Benzoyl Peroxide Creams, along with topical and oral antibiotics. This blend will cause bacteria to die and also take down swelling and prevent you from breaking out even more.

For treatment of whiteheads, stay away from pore strips, professional extractions, and avoid squeezing. Squeezing can cause the pore channel to burst and result in oils spreading beneath your flesh and infected pores.

One of the most effective and popular pore cleansing lines are from the clear pores skin cleansing system, a great product in this line is the Joey New York Pure Pores - Blackhead Remover and Pore Minimizer Gel. This is a one minute treatment that gently helps to remove blackheads, shrink and tighten large pores and absorb excess oils. Available below.

Individuals with Cystic Acne can generally find relief from topical and oral antibiotics. If however you suffer from acne that you have a hard time getting rid of, you may need to use Accutane, a very strong drug that stops oil from being produced

If you feel that you could use drug treatment for your acne, schedule a visit with your doctor and have a frank discussion about your concerns.


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