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Fingernails are a very useful part of the hand, as they protect the fingertips from different kinds of injuries and help us handle objects easily.

Aside from that practical purpose, fingernails are also used to express one's fashion statement by being enhanced by nail polishes and other decorative pieces.

Fingernails are usually made into fashion accessories rather than other practical parts of the hand because they are not as used as the palm and the fingertips.

As fingernails get exposed to various chemicals and general wear-and-tear from our activities, it comes as no surprise that they are often weakened by bacteria and fungi. Peeling and splitting fingernails are very common problems for many people. To understand more about these problems, here are a few causes of peeling or splitting fingernails and a few remedies that you should know about:

Medical Causes of Peeling Fingernails

There are many reasons why nails split and peel, including exposure of nails to harsh chemicals and nail infections. One of the most common infections that cause peeling and splitting is fungal infection. Although toenails are more commonly troubled with fungal infections, the fingernails can also be affected by fungal infections.

Fungus is known to completely destroy the nail plate by eating away at the keratin protein, which causes the nail to separate from the nail bed if left untreated. Another medical reason for splitting and peeling nails is psoriasis. Psoriasis causes the nail to split, peel, and fall into pieces if left untreated.

Non Medical Causes of Peeling Fingernails

Aside from the medical causes of peeling fingernails, there are non-medical causes such as exposure of the nails to harmful chemicals and excessive exposure to water. This can cause the nails to lose their natural moisture and oil levels.

Moisture of nails is very important, and low humidity in the environment and natural aging has effects on the moisture levels of the nails. During the process of natural aging, especially after menopause in women, the levels of moistures in nails lower, and this can result in the fingernails becoming dry and prone to splitting.

Treatment of Peeling Fingernails

Fungal infections can often result in the discoloration of the fingernails aside from them splitting and peeling. It is always best to immediately seek treatment from a dermatologist. The same should be done in the case of psoriasis. The best home remedy is to provide your fingernails with enough oils and moisture to encourage healthy nails to grow back.

Applying vitamin E and jojoba oil is a great way to provide your nails with enough moisture, and this should be done three times a day. If done properly, this will give the nails enough moisture and stop the peeling and splitting process. Keeping your hands out of water as much as possible and avoiding dangerous chemicals is also important if you want to have healthy fingernails. While cleaning and washing dishes, it is always a good idea to wear rubber gloves.

Also, it is important to choose nail polishes wisely, as they can sometimes take away the moisture from the fingernails.

What about Nutrition?

Although lack of vitamins and proteins are often the cause of peeling fingernails, this is not as common as many people think. Most people consume enough protein to maintain the health of their nails, unless they have an eating disorder or a medical problem that they are not aware of.

Eating fat-rich fish twice a week might be beneficial, since fish oils have some benefits in the treatment of peeling fingernails. If none of these things seem to help, people are advised to consult their doctor regarding the problem of peeling and splitting nails.

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