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Peacock Costume Unique Fancy And Fun

If you wonder into any ol’ Halloween party this year, you’re bound to encounter pirates, a witch or two, and maybe a handful of ghosts. 

Why not try something completely different and get creative when choosing a costume this season – like dressing as the showiest member of the animal kingdom – a peacock!

This perfect peacock costume is rich in color and playful in style – and you will surely be the only one in the room!  The dress is a vivid teal color with trim in shades of purple, gold, and bright green, with a bit of the traditional peacock “eye” shaped design down the front edged in a feathery detail. 

Attached to the back bustle-style is a technicolored matching foam tail that can be worn up or down to mimic the movements of a real peacock. 

Finish off this amazing costume with a retro-inspired teal headdress tilted at a jaunty angle with a long dangly feather embellishment.  So cute!

peacock costume womens unique bird costume

Play up the vintage-y look of the outfit with fishnet or seamed tights in nude, black, or even sparkly gold if you can find ‘em! 

And once those gams are properly attired, footwear can go from funkym, chunky platform heels in black or gold, with or without glitter, or go sexy with stiletto heeled strappy sandals with lots of sparkle or rhinestone accents. 

Perhaps the most fun part of going peacock this Halloween is the colorful hair and makeup styling that goes along with it.  Under such a crazy little hat, hair can be simple and subdued in a traditional chignon or French twist, or can go funky in a twisty, spiked-out style with the ends kicked out. 

For a spiked out updo, straighten hair with a flat iron to give hair maximum edginess, and then starting at the base of your neck twist hair around on itself (like the start of a French twist), but rather than taming ends and pinning them under, leave them loose and spray with max hold spray to give them some stiffness, or even tease ends with a rattail comb for added height. 

For extra peacock pizzazz, spray a stripe or two of your hair in shades of gold, purple, and green with any of the washable colored hairsprays available, or spritz allover with a gold glitter hairspray. 

Makeup can be bold, sparkly, and as drag queen delicious as you dare!  Use shimmery, brightly pigmented eye shadows in gold, purple, teal, and green and mimic the peacock feather design around the eye. 

Add some loose glitter and out-to-there fake lashes in coordinating colors, or with rhinestones glued to the ends.  Use a sheer, light colored lipgloss full of sparkle and shine to complete the look.

If you’d rather go a bit more traditional, blend out a basic smokey eye with a bit of a brighter accent color, and add just a dab of glitter on the lid for glitz.  


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