Party Makeup

Party makeup really is not as complicated as we tend to make it; the trick is to focus on enhancing your best feature and keep everything else the same.

Party Makeup

Get A Party Look in 3 Minutes or Less

If you always receive compliments on your eyes, then add a little something there-or your lips or cheeks; whatever your case may be.

The excitement of an upcoming party often takes a backseat to the overwhelming to-do list that floods your mind as soon as you receive the invitation. Along with what to wear, who's going to babysit, and whether or not you should bring a gift, the thought of party makeup just makes you nauseous.

Thankfully, the idea that you have to cake on the makeup to look glamorous is an absolute myth- one we wish more people were aware of. Adding a little glam to your natural look is all it takes to go from office neat to nighttime chic.

Party Makeup Tip 1: Mistletoe-Ready Holiday Lips

One basic piece of information that applies to all makeup is that bright colors will pull things forward and darker colors will push them back. For amazing party lips, go with a bright shade; it will highlight your lips, which is exactly what you want if they are your best feature.

If you want to look glamorous but still want something safe, just choose a shade that is one or two shades brighter than your natural lip color. However, if you are feeling particularly daring, ditch the pinks altogether and try something more bold. Corals look great on fair skin, cherry shades compliment medium skin, and if you have darker skin, cranberry will make your lips positively pop.

A Few Pointers:

  • Apply a light amount of pressed powder- this helps the color stay truer and last longer.
  • Use a brush- lip brushes allow for a more precise and even application than just smearing it on from the tube. You want your application to be as even as possible when using bright shades since errors are far more obvious and will get you attention for all the wrong reasons.
  • Since you are highlighting your lips, you want to keep the rest of your makeup very natural. Some light, shimmery eye shadow, mascara, and bronzer are all you need.

Party Makeup Tip 2: Rosy Cheeks

If cheeks are your best feature, follow these tips for cheeks so rosy, the jolly old elf himself would be jealous.

  • To avoid looking like Bozo the Clown, you want your blush to look like you're naturally flushed. If you pinch your cheeks, the color they turn is the color you want to highlight with. If you have darker skin, you can always go with a bright pink shade.
  • Always opt for a powder blush rather than a cream since powders blend much more easily. Apply the powder with a soft, fluffy brush; tap off the excess and then apply to the apples of your cheeks in a swirling motion.
  • Apply a shimmer powder or cream just above the apples of your cheeks; this gives you a warm glow and accentuates your cheek bones.

For the rest of your makeup, keep it very simple so as not to draw attention away from your cheeks. Opt for a light pink gloss, light, shimmery eye shadow, and mascara.

Party Makeup Tip 3: Festive Eyes

Since your eyes are the windows to your soul (as well as your personal best feature), we think they deserve some special attention. Start by dusting a shimmery shadow over your lids with a fluffy brush. Stick with toned down gold or peach shades. Glamming up your eyes does not mean breaking out the shadow that matches your bright blue party dress. The shimmer will really open your eyes and make them stand out.

Next, use a slightly dampened liner brush dipped in a matte black liner to line your eyes. Liquid liner looks much more natural than pencil and is much easier to maneuver. Start at the inside corner of your eye and line across the entire upper lash line; don't line the bottom since this only makes your eyes look smaller.

Use a dampened cotton swab to smudge the liner; this gives it a very natural effect. Then finish off with curled lashes and mascara. Keep your lip gloss either clear or pink, and dust very light pink blush over your cheeks. Heavy gloss and blush will only detract from your eyes and make your party makeup look overdone.

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Updated October 25, 2011

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