Paraffin Wax Treatment A Treat For Your Feet

Enjoy a home paraffin wax treatment that will leave your feet softer and smoother.

Paraffin Wax Cubes

Soften and smooth your feet and hands with this deep conditioning treatment. If you thought paraffin wax was just for making pretty candles you are in for a pleasant surprise.

Once you try this simple home paraffin treatment for feet you can add a bit more luxury using the pre scented paraffin wax pellets or blocks now available. You would omit adding scented oils when doing so.

Home Paraffin Wax Treatment for Feet 


3 blocks paraffin wax 

3 oz. vegetable oil 

20 drops of scented essential oil 

A few drops of olive oil 

Double Boiler

Foot tub or plastic container that is large enough to comfortably fit both of your feet.

Large plastic sandwich bags or freezer bags

Paraffin Wax Cubes


Pre-treat your feet by washing and drying well. Using the vegetable oil, (Spray Pam also works well) lightly grease your foot tub.

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Melt your blocks of paraffin, vegetable oil, and scented oil in the double boiler.

Very carefully pour the hot wax into your foot bath waiting until a skin forms over the top of the wax.

At this stage the wax should be close to the right temperature for your feet, always test any hot wax for comfort by testing just a little on your wrist

Smooth the olive oil over your feet being sure to completely cover every bit of your feet, from your toes, fight up to your ankle.

Dip each foot into the warm wax repeatedly until you have several layers of the wax built up in layers.

Place each foot in a baggie, ideally lie down with your feet up on a pillows, and cover with a blanket or towel for added warmth.  

Light a scented candle and enjoy the next 30 minutes with your favorite ways to relax, read, listen to music, or just daydream.

When the time comes to remove the wax, you simply need to pull it away starting at your ankle and working downwards.


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