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Pantyhose Are Back

Pantyhose are back in style thanks to our newest trendsetter Kate Middleton.

Kate Middleton's Pantyhose Revival

No one wonders anymore why millions of women try to borrow at least a part of the charm of the lovely Duchess of Cambridge.

Pretty much everything that Kate Middleton wears tends to become a must-have piece the next day, and the same thing has happened with pantyhose.

Indeed, Kate Middleton's latest fashion staple is not represented by gorgeous hats, refined two-piece suits or feminine dresses, but by delicate, sheer stockings which not only complement her look, but give her a touch of classiness that the bare legs look will never manage to accomplish.

Now, no one can be sure if her latest fashion contribution has solely to do with her impeccable taste or with another royal protocol, but one thing is certain: she wears L'Eggs and her legs and her whole look appears as an utterly splendid one.

There is another reason why pantyhose are back and so valued by women all over the world.

Pantyhose are like makeup for women's legs, providing a flawless aspect and one that is heavily desired especially amongst those whose formal style of dressing doesn't allow the alternative: bare legs.

Types and Styles of Pantyhose

When it comes to pantyhose, there are numerous models to choose from. The preference for a particular look of pantyhose has to do with many factors, including comfort, purpose and occasion.

Two major aspects are looked into when deciding to purchase a pair of pantyhose: one refers to the sheerness of this fashion item and also the color and pattern varieties available.

Whatever the model of pantyhose selected, one thing is certain: pantyhose are extremely functional and feminine, and a complete must-have especially now that pantyhose are back in style!

Returning to the sheerness of pantyhose, women may ask themselves how to tell the difference between a very sheer pair of pantyhose and one of average sheerness. What about semi-opaque and opaque hosiery?

Truth is, there is not much we can do to solve this mystery other than knowing how to decipher the printed numbers that come with the package.

Sheerness is thus divided into a list of numbers from 5 to 100. In other words, the most invisible pair of pantyhose will be given the number 5 or denier 5 as it is called by hosiery connoisseurs.

Opaque tights have been given values from 70 to 100, the latter being associated with pantyhose that have nothing to do with the word see-through.

Aside from sheerness, colors and patterns are other staples of taste women use to express their individuality and sense of fashion.

Nude and dark colored pantyhose are of no surprise to anyone, and they are perceived as being simply functional and a way to complete a feminine outfit, but colored and patterned pantyhose have a different story to tell.

They can add a lovely playful touch to a woman's attire, and they can make or break an outfit, especially in the case of women who know that pantyhose can really become one of the wow factors of their wardrobes.

Kate Middleton Wearing Black Pantyhose

Reinforced Pantyhose

Now that panyhose are back and it comes to buying hosiery, women should also think about the option of reinforced pantyhose types.

It's true that complete sheerness does seem appropriate to women who love transparency in their hosiery but they shouldn't completely ignore pantyhose that have reinforced areas.

The practicality of the latter is undeniable, and it is much valued amongst women for whom comfort, control and durability are amongst the top features to look for when purchasing hosiery.

Transparent pantyhose are quite delicate and they can easily tear apart, but they also allow women to pair open toe footwear and pantyhose in the hot season, not to mention the easiness of mind they get in case the hemline of their skirts tends to go up while moving.

Reinforced hosiery is stronger and more durable, and many types of pantyhose have reinforced areas especially designed for silhouette slimming purposes, providing coverage and support for less aesthetically pleasant areas of the body.

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Published May 12, 2012

How to Wear Pantyhose

Many women do not realize the importance of knowing how to successfully wear a pair of pantyhose. This is why so many outfits are broken by uninspired choices of hosiery.

A woman has to have the knowledge of choosing the right type and style of pantyhose, and she must also know how to wear and assort it in order to look her best.

Meredith Vieira Pantyhose

Meredith Vieira is one to be admired for her classic choices of pantyhose, heels, and outfit.

Meredith Vieira pantyhose show a beautiful sheen on camera and when photographed. In summer, sheer toes are the best because reinforced toes and heels are not compatible with open toe shoes and sandals.

For closed toe shoes, reinforced hosiery is the optimal choice since they are durable and prevent runs.

The most popular hosiery available is nude or black colored pantyhose which complement formal outfits just perfectly.

The reason for this is that flesh toned and dark pantyhose models are subtle and don't tend to enter into a conflict with other outfit pieces.

Unobtrusive pantyhose types are the best for all occasions, especially when women try to impress with a smooth, but flawless appearance.

In this regard, overly shiny pantyhose are to be avoided since they tend to look tacky and are not compatible with classy fashion ensembles.

Colored and patterned hosiery are ideal to give even the most serious outfits a playful look but must be selected appropriately, because otherwise, visually intriguing pantyhose can really clash attires.

When it comes to color, there are certain hues that must utterly be avoided since they can make women look sickly. The colors that are not on the positive side of the balance are peach, pale yellow and caramel.

To add a pop of color in the cold season, women should look for rich hues of red, brown and purple whilst in the summer, fresh tones of pink, lime and turquoise look vibrant and cheerful.

Referring to prints, women who choose to wear patterned pantyhose should borrow one color from the print and share it to one piece of the outfit.

You can also make a fashion statement from your printed hosiery by matching your favorite piece with a neutrally colored ensemble.

How to Avoid Pantyhose Runs and Tears

Now that pantyhose are back, so will be the runds and tears. Clear nail polish is known to be as a functional saver in case your pair of pantyhose has decided to turn against you.

But this should be regarded only as a temporary fix, and to avoid having to wear less-than-perfect hosiery, women should never compromise quality.

In addition, pantyhose are not compatible with toe nails that are not smooth and primped, and should be always put on with care, starting with the toe area and continuing up with a roll-over motion.

If you notice a tiny tear in your pantyhose, then it's best to give up wearing that pair of hosiery since the moment you step out in them, chances are your pantyhose imperfection will only grow bigger and uglier.

Damaged pantyhose are bound to be noticed by people, so if appearance is important to you, you should always handle your hosiery with care.

L'Eggs Pantyhose Revolution

Pantyhose are back and so is the egg.

If you want to buy a new pair of pantyhose, this is one brand brought again in the fashion spotlights by Kate Middleton and one whose 3D plastic egg package has conquered the wallets of many women who appreciate the uniqueness and quality in everything related to fashion.

This brand is not only easily recognizable in stores, being sold including in places like grocery stores, but they also offer incredibly hosiery that is the result of one miraculous fusion between beauty and innovation.

And the best thing about one of their latest additions?

One innovative legwear embedded with a run resist technology that will ensure your legs will look flawlessly beautiful!

So now girls, you know what you need to do now that pantyhose are back. Shop for the perfect pantyhose and pair it with the perfect outfit.

This is a surefire way to dress and impress. Be glad pantyhose are back in fashion.

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