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Paige Davis Hairstyle Is Easy Wash And Wear

paige davis medium length layered hairstyle She's Back!
Paige Davis returns to Trading Places looking better than ever.

How does a girl look so good while hanging from ceilings and ladders doing home makeovers!

It is not just your everyday woman that wants a haircut that is simple and easy. Even celebrity females such as Paige Davis, the perpetually perky host of Trading Spaces wants a great looking hairstyle that is a breeze to achieve.

Paige Davis sports her locks snipped into a wash and wear layered hairstyle for thick hair.

Paige shows that there is no doubt that short and simple is anything but dull and mundane!

Although Paige Davis can have her trendy wash and wear layered hairstyle set and ready to go in mere minutes, she always looks fabulous and well put together.

This wash and wear layered hairstyle for thick locks is also very versatile and perfect for the most casual situation or any formal event.

Paige Davis’s haircut is a basic short cut that contains numerous layers and is ideal for those ladies who have super thick tresses.

paige davis medium length layered hairstyleHowever, you can adapt this look to fit medium to fine locks as well.

If like Paige, you have a forehead that is slightly wide, the bangs on this wash and wear style is the perfect choice as they draw the eye inward making your forehead appear more narrow than it actually is.

Paige Davis tends to stick to softer shades of hair color, however, you can be as bold and dramatic as you like with the hue of your locks.

Why not pick a shade that makes a statement, dare to be out there with the color of your hair!

Although short and wash and wear, the beauty of the haircut that Paige Davis has is its ability to really take her anywhere.

From in front of the cameras to a Hollywood gala, from an after hours dinner to a casual day on the beach, Paige Davis’s wash and wear short cut is the perfect choice.

The sides of Paige’s hair have been snipped above her ears in a way that beautifully accents the layers incorporated into her cut.

Although short all over, the longest area of hair can be found along the bottom as well as through the top of Paige’s head.


You honestly would be hard pressed to find a short, wash and wear layered hairstyle for thick locks that is this simple to style.

Styling Steps Paige Davis Hairstyle

Wash your hair with products designed for your hair type and condition. Work a small dab of styling lotion through damp hair, distributing evenly with your fingers.

Use a medium sized round brush while blow-drying. Work in small sections starting at the back of your head and pulling your hair out slightly and rolling each section under.

With the tail end of a comb, create a part along the top of your head where desired. If you wish, you can use a medium barreled curling iron to curl various small sections of your hair under.

.Arrange your hair with your fingers, using them to comb through your locks gently. Mist lightly with spray gloss for a shiny, full bodied finish. Of course you can feel free to simply wash, finger comb into place and face your day with ease!


Paige Davis Hairstyle

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